Saturday, 23 April 2011

Well, we have had adventures. More precisely, Pekka-poikka has. Äiti came back home yesterday after allowing us to stay outside, and found us watching Pekka running around the garden. He had ESCAPED. He managed to give Äiti a bit of exercise walking around the nearby houses (and luckily not over any roads) and then decided he would be picked up and returned to the confines of the catio. We were so shocked. And our friend the catio constructor was so shocked he came right over to fix it. Pekka-poika is an engineering expert - he had moved part of the wire back and forth so much the weld had broken and then he squeezed out. There was no obvious hole and Äiti is convinced he has butter on his fur.
Anyway, we will be having extra wire fitted to the bottom of the catio. Pekka-poika is busy trying to do it again!
And we have another access shelf to the skyway. Now, it still wobbles but Äiti thinks it will be okay and good for our balance. We are not so sure but paws have been volunteered onto the nearest planks. No they are about 2m above the decking, and Äiti says that because Mirsku-veli's surface area to volume ratio is low, there's no way he could reach terminal velocity from that height. And please note that 'fatboy' is a term of endearment from us: every gram of his body is muscle, we're sure!


Katnip Lounge said...

Good Cod! Naughty Pekka. Mommy would have given him a good telling off after she finished her heart attack from seeing him frolic freely in the yard. We of course are cheering him on and The Baby especially sends loud wails of encouragement for later expeditions.

You soon will be sailing along the skyways with the greatest of ease, we predict by Monday at the latest.

Muscle, indeed.

Sparkle said...

Pekka had a cool adventure! And freaked out his human in the bargain: double score! Maybe I should add, came through it all unscathed. That would make it a Triple Score!

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

I'm thrilled to find some Finnish cats. We like naughty cats but I'm glad Pekka is safe. I'm a Finnish Canadian living in new York. Come visit my kitties.

Team Tabby said...

Look what diligent hard work and smarts can do! Freedom for Pekka.

Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

Mr Puddy said...

For Sure Pekka ! You freaked out the human. But I couldn't believe you used the doggie's strategy to dig out and got a freedom.

My mom really thankful for your Äiti to post this because I'm going to be indoor cat in the future. Now she know what cat is capable !


PS : I'm sorry didn't visit you yesterday, Mom got a stomach ache. But now she is o.k. May be too much Easter Eggs : )

Angel Simba said...

Pekka, I am glad you let yourself be caught. I also love to go out wandering, but really, I know Mom and Dad are right, that I am safest at home. And you DO have such a nice catio.

Anonymous said...

What lovely kitties you are! We're very pleased to meet you, furriends. Thank you so much for your care and concern for us during Tristan's horrible sickness and blindness. We really appreciate you:)

OKcats said...

Pekka looks quite pleased with himself! Our mom says she knows the fear and frustration your poor Aiti must have felt - our brothers at the Bridge used to love to escape after they were forced to become inside only cats. Zak in particular was hard to wrangle once he got free. Fatboy Snuggles always had to drop and roll in the dirt, so if she saw him early, he was easy!

Maggie May said...

Happy Easter, friends!

Maggie May and The Creek Cats