Saturday, 9 April 2011

We have had a fantastic day. The sun was shining on the catio and we found sunny places to sit. There is still some ice, and the grass is like a swamp, but with care we can keep dry and warm. Stran-veli got the best place.
Here the Brticats are debating whether to set paw onto the wet swamp. Harris-veli had to try it out.
Äiti went out to take photos of stinky birds. This displeased us but the catio was left open. And she came home with a tasty treat for us - muikku. These are tender little tasty baby fish.
Personally, I am not so keen on them but had a good sniff.
Aila-sisko wasn't so sure what to do with them.
Stran-veli quickly gobbled them down - but kept leaving the heads.
Rilli-ukko sprang into life. He couldn't get enough of them - including the heads.
He was very happy and followed Äiti everywhere for a couple of hours, hoping more would appear.
Hehehe - just a quick update. Some cat who must be nameless (cat code of honour) 'finished off' the muikku from Äiti's frying pan. So she has no left overs for her meal tomorrow. It serves her right for cooking them for herself. However there is one problem: she did add some chilli powder to them. So maybe we will have more squitty kitty litter trays tomorrow. Yeuch.


Kea said...

What a great treat--at least for some of you! :-)

Happy weekend to all.

-Fuzzy Tales

Kari said...

Really great noms! We wish we had some too.
A fellow cat blogger, Ginger Jasper, is very Ill and the vets don't know what is wrong. He is totally off his food. His parents have tried everything but he won't eat. When our mum saw your little fish she got excited and suggested them to Ginger Jasper. Let's pray that they will get him eating again.

Enjoy your day. Kisses and hugs to you.

Sparkle said...

Oh, the heads are the best part - they have lots of vitamins and minerals!

Katnip Lounge said...

Well, we have NEVER had whole fishies like that. We are quite gustatorially deprived and will inform our Mommy we NEED muikku. Pronto.

When we catch lizards and bugs, we always eat the heads. They have such a satisfying *crunch*.

Katzen Frau said...

Yummy the fish sure does look tasty! Ha the unknown kitty who ate your moms leftovers sounds like something our Tara would do : ) She loves jumping up on the counter and stealing whatever is leftover.

Mr Puddy said...

My mom said she will find some treats like that for me because she is dying to see me followed her everywhere for a couple of hours : )


PS : Photos of every single of you are brilliant , we love all