Friday, 22 April 2011

My loyal readers, may I present to you, Mirsku-veli's testing of the skyway.
He has spotted there are Dreamies planted on it so he meercats upwards to check it out.
This was hysterical!
He hangs on for dear life.
We are rolling around with our sides splitting at this point.
Äiti, did you actually think this would work? Did you ever learn any physics at school?
Fatboy's not happy. He tries to correct his balance. What do you mean you have a degree in physics, Äiti ?
Given the circumstances, he's doing well. Was it theoretical physics, Äiti ?
But he rolls over the top. That plank is now the wrong side up.
Gravity finally wins. You do know about gravity don't you Äiti ?
Now we call that a FAIL, Äiti. You need to add those stabiliser thingies you were thinking about.
Okay, at the next attempt Mirsku-veli gets his rewards. And to be fair, the skyway is more stable now and we still have to have one access shelf fitted. There will be more photos soon. And we are recovering from too much laughter.


Katnip Lounge said...

We have NEW respect for Mirksu! He has some mighty arms and claws to be able to pull off such a circus stunt.

Now we must go laugh at him...and far is it down? Would he reach terminal velocity? So many questions to ponder.

Kea said...

Hahaha! OMC, that was funny. It's a wonder Aiti could even hold the camera to get the pics! Our mom would have been peeing herself laughing!

-Fuzzy Tales

OKcats said...

Theoretical physics?? MOL!! Poor Mirsku - he does suffer a lot of abuse and teasing from you all! But, if he got Dreamies in the end, then we guess it's all ok. Have a great weekend!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Wow that is some acrobatics going on there. great set of pictures. Cant wait for the next episode. Hugs GJ x

Sparkle said...

Mirksu was a great tester! Yep, it was definitely back to the drawing board time!

Katzen Frau said...

MOL That was way too funny. I give you props Mirkus for being the one to test it out : ) Tell your mom she got some really nice shots.

Kari said...

We are in awe of you, Mirsku! What a really strong kitty boy ! And you, Trying so hard not to fall! It looks like your walk is fairly high up. And they call you fat boy? Let's see anyone do better. Goodness, letting you almost fall like that! Your family is a bit unkind.