Wednesday, 20 April 2011

In response to Aila-sisko's fan club, I post another picture of her (for all you boy cats in the Katnip Lounge in particular). But please note - she may look cute and alluring but she has claws of titanium and a girlcat moan and shriek that send chills through us!
We've been pretty relaxed recently - winding down after all that exercise. Pekka-poika has been playing with the catnip rocket.
Ruska, Harris-veli and I have been discussing the state of the catio. We hope Äiti will get building fun stuff for us as she has a long weekend.
If she doesn't, Mirsku-veli threatens to peemail everything. Here he is abusing our poor kissanmintu again.
We want more shelves and a sky way under the balcony. Rilli-ukko climbed to the top shelf.
And he had a huge monster-cat shadow. He looks like a true Finnish lion.
And I have been trying to take things easy - in fact this is an older photo as Äiti hasn't been snapping away at me recently (this WILL be corrected). She has noticed I am walking a little more slowly, and I am having my tasty cosequin medicine treats for my naughty kneecap. It gets a little stiff sometimes and is not a huge problem, but I have to take it easy and not dash around like a mad cat keeping up with Pekka-poika.


Sparkle said...

I see you have your human's weekend planned out!

Mr Puddy said...

MOL..Alia, Your photo is funny and remind me " Adolf Hitler " Ha..Ha

and Rili, I like your photos on the top shelf but my mom said you look like panda...Please..Please..don't hate her , she just been silly : )

and I hope Äiti will build some more stuff for you : )


Katnip Lounge said...

The Aila Fan Club thanks you from the bottom of their furry lil' hearts! Claws or no, we think you are one HOT kitty.

We will come over and help Aiti with our manymanymany suggestions as to what we have and you need on your Catio. Punapippuri, we hope your knee feels better! Felix will think special cantankerous thoughts about it whilst the rest of us purr for you.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Looks like you are goping to be busy. I love the relaxed picture. Hugs GJ x

Angel Simba said...

It will be great if you get some additions to your catio. Those shelves are a nice start.

Kari said...

You are going to have the most awesome catio around! We're really sorry about your poor knee! Hope the cosequin is helping you.

That Aila is one vivacious kitty girl. We would all be lucky to have such charm.
Love to you all!

Katzen Frau said...

It sounds like you guys have everything planned out.We cant wait to see the new additions : )

OKcats said...

My goodness, what a treat for us! We've been horribly neglected, as you no doubt know by now, and we were so happy to see the photos of Miss Aila in the last 2 posts! We especially loved the ones where she's so sweetly playing with her twig. We've been quite feisty here, too. It must be the change in the weather. Thanks for making us smile with all of your photos!!

Love, Fuzzy and Zoe