Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I thank you, loyal readers, for the suggestions of a work out video. Äiti is pondering this but we are reluctant. We are worried that such a video would need many 'takes' and that would be very demanding. However, it might make Stran-veli's extensive fluffy washboard tummy and sixpack even more attractive!
Today we have some gentle girlcat exercise - Aila-sisko is playing with a twig that Pekka-poika has ripped off the raspberries.
And I was out resting during all this fun. It has been an exhausting time with all this exercise and gardening so I was having a few little moments of peace and pondering -just as the camera came out again. The demands on us are indeed great!


Mr Puddy said...

I love to chew sprig too Aila
Good Exercise for the fangs : )
sometime, it can be the toy as well.

Have a lovely day to you all : )

Kea said...

The demands on you all are so great that we hope you're being compensated with copious quantities of treats, to keep up your strength!

-Fuzzy Tales

Katnip Lounge said...

So Stran's tummy is a lean mean machine? it's hard to tell with all the floof, but we believe you, 100%! We eagerly await a video to work out with all of you.

Aila is so pretty! We never knew she had multicolored toe pads, the boys here find that VERY interesting, indeed.

Kari said...

Aila is is just so lovely!! She is so girly! Our mum wants to reach through the 'puter screen grab her and hug and kiss her. That second photo where the light is shining through her shell-pink ear is just exquisite! And you as always, Puna, set hearts a flutter.

Oskar said...

What lovely kitties!

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Nubbin wiggles,