Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The catio fun and chasing continues. Here we have the incredible flying Pekka-poika.
Is it a bird, is it a plane ? No it's a really blurred photo.
I have been having words with Äiti about her photography and she says meaningless stuff about low light ad depth of field. I am not convinced - after all if she spends so much time taking stinky bird photos, you'd have though she could properly focus on a flying cat.
But I had other battles to fight yesterday; just look at this violation.
Are you enraged by this audacity ?
Fatboy Mirsku-veli thinks he can grab a mouthful of the royal fluff. Definitely not!
These photos are blurred due to my fast ninja reflexes, hitting back and restoring justice.
This offends me greatly Fatboy.
You asked for it.....
Whooph. A headbutt to the chest - I think that claims victory for me. His ears are in retreat.
But who has won the battle of the silly face expressions ?
And finally, the last of the snow from the catio:
We really hope this is it for the year. There is still loads in the garden but the catio is drying out. The quality of the mud now is good: it's a little damp so it sticks to our paws ready for wiping all over the floor when we run circuits through the house and back out again.


Katnip Lounge said...

Humans are so inept with the camera...if only we had thumbs we'd show 'em some photography!
We ARE outraged by the tail nibbling incident! Thank goodness proper punishment has been meted out.
And the mud? Excellent!

Sparkle said...

That tail bite was totally out of bounds!

Mr Puddy said...

Mirsku's Action is pretty impressive !
He looks chubby but his movement look unbelievable fast without rolling like a ball..ha..ha.

And I love the second photo, His face's expression is so funny : )

I wish your Äiti take photos of you guys wiping mud all over the floor..hee..hehe..I guess, Must look Awesome !


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Never mind that they are blurred I think they are fabulous action shots.. Hugs GJ x

OKcats said...

HAHA! We both agree that Mirsku wins the battle of silly face expressions! But you clearly won the real battle. Of course, it's only natural that he would want to touch your royal floof - our mom says the orange furs are too hard to resist.

Kari said...

We love flying Pekka! He really is a beautiful kitty. Don't call our Mirsku fat. He has a high cuddlability factor. Enjoy your wonderful day.