Friday, 1 April 2011

As you know we love Fridays, and when Äiti walks through the door with all the shopping, makes a cup of tea and sits down with us, then we know we can play and snuggle. Of course, Mirsku-veli was shouting away for the catio to be opened up, and we all wanted to go and breathe the fresh air outside. When he did go out he was greeted by Stran-veli and chased. A small earthquake may have registered as many kilos of mancat muscle thundered around. Then Äiti decided to take some shots of me so you can see my glowing furs. Be warned though - I do not like 'tummy snorgles' - they can result in serious paws and claws on anyone who dares!
And I hope you like this big mancat boxing match in our second video of the day. We shall offer no comment as both Tuomo-veli and Pekka-poika have sharp claws.


OKcats said...

Great videos!!! That boxing match was neat to watch, but it doesn't seem their hearts were really into it. Ruska got the last laugh though, didn't he? :)

Katnip Lounge said...

So THAT'S what the shaking was all about earlier. We felt the thundering feets all the way out in the desert! We will stand back from the Forbidden Tummy, but do we ever WANT to tickle it...

Mommy LOLed at the Prairie Dog Paddle Manuever! The boxing match was great.

Sparkle said...

Loved the boxing match! I see that Ruska was ready to take on the winner.

Kari said...

Super videos! The cats have so much personality! We're glad that things didnt get too rough. Just enough boxig to be cute and hilarious at the same time.
Punapippuri! The tummy of yours! Soft fluffy and glorious beyond belief! How anyone can resist it is beyond us. You may be napping one day and wake up to find sometime to find you've been snorgled.
Thanks to your mum for sending us videos. We enjoy seeing your movement. It is as individual as you are! Thanks again.