Friday, 1 April 2011

As there have been many comments about the Britcat brothers I shall, without complaint, dedicate today's post to them. I did ask if they wanted to write something but they were too shy.
It is indeed sad that they don't like tickles or human touch (as in its correct place without diabolical combs it is very nice). They have been with Äiti the longest off all of us, being adopted in June 05. They came from a very crowded eläinkoti in Bristol and were in a tiny cage. They were four years old and had been brought in because their horrible people were moving and there was no room for them in the new place. Apparently they had been 'kept in a shed'. Äiti spoke to them in the cage and tickled Lewis who pushed his head against her hand for more touch but then pulled away again. Harris tried to hide behind him. But that was enough - Äiti took them home. She had no garden but they could explore freely in her flat, and had all the toys and food they wanted. They were very shy and hid a lot, but did begin to play. They also began to separate a little and had their own favourite places. They are apparently litter buddies but have very different proportions.
Äiti was worried because their progress was so slow, and decided to get a friend for them - Stran-veli! He was an instant hit and they adore him. He also made them play more, but that also meant they kept further away from Äiti. However Äiti thought it was better they were happy and lively together, rather than being devoted to her! However they would occasionally allow tickles (and love them). Harris-veli in particular was very good at making his favourite human Carolyn-täti lie on the floor for hours with an outstretched arm while he had a tummy rub in the most inconvenient corner of the house.
Well, since then the Britcats had more additions and then came The Big Move to Finland, and then we came along of course. So Harris and Lewis have seen many changes. Äiti has always worried that they would not cope but they always manage to do so, even if quietly. No we have a house and catio, Harris is very much in the middle of things and he likes all his cat family (but Stran-veli is his favourite, always). Lewis had been hiding more but is now making friends. He has been seen with Roosa on the wardrobe - we have paws crossed for them becoming buddies. Äiti does not ever think they will come to her for tickles but is happy with that because she says they must feel safe, that is the most important thing. She does believe something very horrible happened to them in the past and that is why they do not trust humans. If I ever met those nasty people who had them I would send all the merikotka of the world to take them away and tear them to pieces, but for now I am proud to have my shy brothers and to protect them as part of perheeni.


Mr Puddy said...

Wow ! Your Äiti is the great pawrents in the world. Me and my mom never heard anyone could love the cat who never let human touch them. We feel happy and overwhelming with The Britcats' story.

We do agree with Äiti The Britcats must have something very horrible happened to them in the past. They are so lucky to have mommy like Äiti who think about their happiness and their safe first !

It's funny in the way most human always have a trouble to introduce the new cat but not at your place : )

I have a big proud to know your perheeni.and love to be your friend.

Have a lovely weekend coming guys

Carolyn said...

It was worth the discomfort to have tickles with Harris, I miss that! Lovely to see how confident he and Lewis are getting.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

You're right, Puna-Chan. The most important thing is for Harris and Lewis to be safe and loved, even if they are not keen on tickles. We suspect that they are very grateful and happy.

The Chans

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Such a lovely family you all are.

Katnip Lounge said...

Our Mommy feel the same way about Scouty. He may NEVER want to be petted, but he is safe, and LOVES to be around his two Humans, if only to watch them and have a small chat. And chik-kun treats.
Your Aiti is very wise about perheeni.

OKcats said...

Your Aiti is a good person, King Punapippuri. Lots of people would not keep a cat (or cats) who shunned them. But your Aiti cares more that they are safe and secure, even if that means they are not social with her. It's so nice they have friends in the house - they have great lives. :) You are a very benevolent King to give them today's post, and you said very kind things. You deserve a treat.

Love, Fuzzy and Zoe

Kari said...

You have a wonderful mum, dear friends. She really loves kitties! And it is a very special love. God has blessed you.
We had a brother, Smokey, who would never let mum touch him. He was a very beautiful cat and was adopted out several times and was returned each time. The last time, he was returned with his face swollen and his eyes swollen shut due to being punched in the face by the adopters young son because he was unsociable. Mum heard about him and drove 4 hours to adopt him. He spent years with mum and only let her pet him at the end when he was dying of inoperable cancer. But mum adored him. She always hoped he knew how much he was loved.