Thursday, 14 April 2011

Äiti suggested we had some peaceful pictures today as it might appear all we mancats do is chase around. We are also very talented gardeners. It is perfectly true that there's very little we can do in the garden at the moment, but we are enjoying feeling the soil on our paw pads. For instance, this tray needs replanting. I thad parsley in it but I am preparing it for kissanmintu.
Tuomo-veli likes to dig in deep. This is also for kissanmintu.
This large tub was a good litter-tray but we are wondering what it could be used for this year. Pekka-poika inspects and I ponder burying his head in it, hehehehe. Behind Pekka are Äiti's blackberry plants which survived the winter. This year she hopes they might even produce a berry or two. We think not.

Pekka-poika also is interested in trees.
To be precise, he is interested in the birdies that visit the trees, and he is always hopeful they'll come really close....


Katzen Frau said...

We are with Pekka poika the birds are the most interesting thing out there and the most tasty : )

Mr Puddy said...

I couldn't believe you guys are preparing the soil by yourself. You are absolutely Real Feline Gardener ! and Grow Catnip, That's the best ! cause you never run out the feeling " Getting High " hee..hee

PS : You guys should join Thursday In The Garden- Society of Feline Gardeners with Jonesie today ( Cory Cat Blog )
Mom put the link for you , Just click to the link ( High Light Name ) It will go straight there.

Kea said...

We agree, you could join the Gardener's Society. We joined quite a while ago, though we don't post every week, not until there's something *to* post, at least. LOL.

-Fuzzy Tales

Kari said...
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Kari said...

The photo of Pekka-poika is so beautiful. The soft grays in contrast with the glistening ginger and white furs is just exquisite.
Tuomo is doing absolutely excellent trenching his garden. His plants should grow beautifully. Job well done, Tuomo.
And you, dear Puna, have made your mum's job so much easier by determining which plants should go where.
Yes, the Society of Feline Gardeners should welcome you with open arms. Love to all.