Monday, 28 March 2011

We definitely have a lot of energy right now, and you may have noticed a common theme to some of the pictures recently....Pekka-poika! Here is a paw-whap sequence with Mirsku-veli over who gets control of tuulikaappi.

Äiti says it looks like they are playing ghosties or patty-paw with each other but it was considerably more serious than that: tabby vs ginger honour was at stake-

And then it was tuxie vs. ginger honour when there was wrestling with Tuomo-veli.

Now Äiti is usually very happy for this to take place provided the squeals and yowls go not get too loud like when Pekka tried his luck with Risto. This was in fact just a staring match but tails were raised and Stran-veli came to sort it out with some harsher stares. Pekka doesn't quite know when to stop as he is discovering the joys of playing, just like Tuomo-veli did when he arrived. Trouble is, he really does need to stop when Äiti intervenes as within a minute she was dripping blood as he had great fun with bunny kicks down her arm. He has a lot of energy, and claws to match.


Mr Puddy said...

Ha..Ha..Ha..Those photos are so so funny !!!
I never ever seen anyone fight back with closed the eyes all the time like...Pekka !!!
You absolutely do blind fight !
" Don't want to see, Don't care who is it , Just wanna Fight !!! "
Picture # 1-5 , I repeat watching again and again and laugh again and gain..It's too Funny..Ha..Ha..Ha


Sparkle said...

Pekka looks like a fierce boxer! He needs to enter the boxing competition for the next Cat-O-Lympics!

Kea said...

Yikes, we hope Äiti is okay!

We love a good smakcy paw and wrasslin' match too, as you know, but take it easy, okay? :-P

OKcats said...

HAHA~!! That first photo of Pekka made us laugh so hard! I feel sorry for him, though, as I too have been in trouble lately for having too much energy. It's not fair, really. When Fuzzy wants to play, everything is ok. But when she doesn't want to play, then NO CAT can play? That's not right. When did she become the boss of playtime?

Your mistreated friend, Zoe

Kari said...

Goodness, gracious! What has been going on! Does everyone have end of winter kitty crazies!! When blood has been drawn, that's quite enough! We hope you all give your mum extra love and cuddling! Pekka reminds us of our brother Tigger. He was found, alone at age 4 1/2 weeks eating a dead animal . His vet said it was a miracle he even survived. Although Tigger can be sweet and loving he can also be very forceful and aggressive when feels threatened or is overstimulated. Mum thinks Pekka and Tigger survived against all odds because of this "life force". Pekka , like Tigger, will calm when feels he is safe.

Katnip Lounge said...

WOW!!! We loved these photos! Pekka is quite!

Mommy uses an oven mitt when we're in the mood to kill her arm.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Haha! Those whappy paw pictures made us laugh.Pekka looks like he has put his hands up to surrender in the first picture, but then must have changed his mind.
Mum lets us get on with it when we rassle as we usually do it silently. If we start to scream at each other, she yells ENOUGH!!! at us and we stop.