Friday, 11 March 2011

Tänään on Pekka-poika-perjantai! Today is Pekka-boy Friday. I'm not going to let him do this often because there have been comments about how gorgeous he is and I do not want this going to his head, as immodesty is not good for a mancat. Besides, I am more good looking than he is and he has to learn that sometime.
Mirsku-veli is quite good at chasing him and putting him in his place. He cannot resist whapping the ginger tail. Aila-sisko is in the background doing girlcat stuff.
After some ear-flattening discussions, Mirsku-veli went away (not defeated, just pausing for thought). Pekka-poika guards the reindeer hut: Tuomo-veli is inside- you can see his whiskers.
Tuomo and Pekka are good buddies and like chasing and play-fighting, but only off camera.
Pekka also likes bitey games.
And he thinks he has a mighty paw. I'll let him believe this for a while. And then I will tease him about eating lettuce with Tessie-kilpikonna, hehehehe.
Tessie is a Horsfields' tortoise (in English English, turtle in US English). She has been in Äiti's family two years longer than Äiti who now has no family except us (the best sort!). So Tessie is pretty old. She has lived indoors for many years and usually just has a little snooze each winter rather than a full hibernation. This year she slept for three months solid, and woke up this week because the temperature outside has gone up (it is now about 0'C). So she wandered around looking for food and Äiti got her some lettuce. She ate a little and now is under some shelves getting more sleep. Pekka-poika was quite surprised seeing her walking around, but she is our good friend so we made sure he was nice to her. She likes us too and when Äiti inherited her, she loved sitting near us - Harris-veli in particular used to lie next to her for hours. When I was pikku pentu I used to sit on top of her sometimes.


Angel Simba said...

That is very fascinating that the tortoise sleeps for so long in the winter. All you kitties are looking pretty good and full of spunk.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I think you all look mighty fine . I did wonder about your tortoise being awake while it was still cold but I suppose that is quite warm for where you live. Hugs GJ xx

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We are rather relieved to hear that you no longer sit on Tessie, Puna-Chan!

Mr Puddy said...

MOL...Pikku Punapippuri, you are very generous to let Pekka-Boy have his day : )
You are the most handsome, buddy ! Nothing to worry about him..HA !

My mom freak out when she saw mighty paw stuck on your mom's skin !!! COD !!! She said she can feel it badly !!!! ( I do that too : ), Bad stuff for human but I do love it )

And Good to hear you won't sit on top of Tessie anymore : )

Have a wonderful day my friends : )

Kari said...

We love to hear that the kitties and Tessie get on with each other. The photo with the lettuce is totally amazing! We don't think we have ever seen a cat and tortoise together before! Maybe your mum could submit it to a magazine for publication.
(Tessie must be a pretty sweet girl to allow a kitty to sit on her. )
Do you think Tessie slept so long because of the low light or because she had taken up a northern lifestyle?

Katnip Lounge said...

Today's post has so much action!

But mostly, we are AWED, yes awed, by Pekka's clawrs! Aiti is very brave. Did she scream? That would be fun.

Um, some of us like greens, too! We hope you still consider us cats and not tortises!

OKcats said...

That is so cool that you all like your turtle! And wow, that is amazing that he has been part of the family for so long! We're glad it's warming up there. It's practically spring here - we have the wind and the allergies to prove it.