Friday, 4 March 2011

Äiti cleared some of the snow from our catio so we had more space (it is maybe 12m by 10m so not really that vast - Äiti could do with moving house and getting us a bigger one...). Anyway we are pleased she has done some work as there is less snow for the mice to hide in and of course we triumphed. Äiti was snoozing on the sofa this afternoon and woke to find a little present from us. We were so proud and happy. She was not. What is it with humans?
And we can't all be like Mirsku-veli who here is showing some seriously worrying vegetarian inclinations. He stole a piece of tomato from Äiti's sandwich and wolfed it down. He loved it. He is strange.
Harris-veli was part of the mouse hunt - he was so happy he wanted to rub his head against all of our heads afterwards.
Aila-sisko was on the catio but not involved. She came inside rather than join the mancat activities.
Pekka-poika was not part of the proceedings - he doesn't dirty his paws so easily and spent a long time on his toe pad washing.
Ruska was of course crucial in the process. He is metsästäjä mestari - the master hunter.


Kea said...

Your catio is HUGE by our standards! 12 x 10 meters is about 39 feet x 32 feet. Wow! You're all very lucky and we hope you appreciate all that space to run around in!

-Nicki and Derry, sulking over our tiny back space

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Mighty hunters indeed. I love all those great pictures and your mum was not amused with her offering. Sheesh.. Mums.. Hugs GJ x

Mr Puddy said...

" the master hunter !!!! " Ruska give me some lesson..Please.. Please .. Please !!!

OKcats said...

It makes us smile real big to know that Harris was outside with you all, and that he was happy later!! And that Ruska - what a hunter! It must be a house panther thing, as our brother at the Bridge was a mighty hunter himself, and he was a real black beauty. But Mirsku eats tomatoes? YUK!

Kari said...

How wonderful to see Harris! We are so glad he had a good time and wanted to head bump. What an absolute love! His photo with all of the little cat feet in the snow is adorable! Love it!
Ruska has such an air of serenity and confidence combined. Like lions resting after a successful hunt. We are afraid that we are with Pekka and Aila (her markings dive mum mad with delight). We'll do our chasing of mousies, toy mousies that is, in the warmth of our house
Our love to all.
P.S. Don't feel bad Mirsku. We have a brother Tay likes tomatoes too!

Katnip Lounge said...

Eating tomatoes is seriously odd!

We cannot believe that Aiti didn't serve you shrew stew for supper. No fair! All your photos today were wonderful and the ManCats here think Aila is beguiling. MEEE-OWZA!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

You guys are going to have very cold toes after that!!