Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It's midweek and Äiti has is slacking again so here are some photos from last weekend. I wanted to show how harmonious perheeni can be. Rilli-ukko and Ruska are best buddies, and Ruska always approaches our much respected senior member for a nuzzle.
Stran-veli is our other much respected senior member and here you can see him behaving very maturely, having chased Aila-sisko into a cat tree.
Stran has looked after her since she was pikku pentu so there is no nastiness, just pure fun, as maybe you can see from his bottom waggle angle!
And Äiti says that this photo should be framed and displayed prominently in front of me at all times: I am close to Roosa and we are both relaxed. She says this is evidence I can be nice to girlcats. I have no idea why this should be such a big deal.


Kea said...

It's nice to see harmony in a house of so many cats. :-)

The mom is finding our house very quiet now, without the daily hisses, snarls and fights between Annie and Nicki (before she got sick). :-/

Mr Puddy said...

Lovely loving family in this post : )
Stran-veli look so funny !!!
Thanks for good smile.

PS : I nominated you for AWESOME BLOG AWARD, Please pick up the badge from my blog : )

Kari said...

We love the photo of Rilli and Ruska. Rilli's eyes are so amazing. It's almost like one can read his mind.
Stran's pose is so cute. Definitely playful. And you, love, are such a good kitty. Some extra treats are well warranted.
Love to all