Thursday, 24 February 2011

I am humbled to receive another award, from my buddy Mr Puddy. He has honoured me with this 'Awesome Blog Award', which I am very proud to display, especially coming from such a wonderful blogger as Mr P. His pictures and commentary are indeed awesome. I bow my head in respect and gratitude to him.
So I must tell 7 things about myself. I am a modest, boy so this will be difficult for me, but I shall make the effort to bare my soul
  1. I am quite thin - under my furs and fluff I am lean (and not so mean).
  2. I still have a little limp from my naughty kneecap, and it is worse in the cold weather.
  3. I have been known to have piddle on duvets and rugs - well, they are nice and soft.
  4. I love flexing my muscles and winding up the others - especially Risto, Roosa and Aila-sisko. It's great to chase them.
  5. I am always second out into the snow on the catio (well, it's advisable for someone else to go out first to check the air).
  6. I love washing Äiti's hands especially when she is on the computer or reading - the hand which is holding the book is always the one I want to clean.
  7. I am beginning to let Äiti comb me, even my tummy furs!
And now I have an impossible job: passing this on to 15 other awesome bloggers. I can't do this - I simply can't, because there are so many fantastic blogs out there and many have had this award already as it's 'doing the rounds' so I just ask that anyone takes the award who wishes to have it because everyone is so awesome out there. Over the last few weeks there's been so much support and caring flying around the blogosphere, I find it impossible to make any sort of distinction. For instance our friends at Fuzzy Tales had the whole cat blogosphere purring for Annie to poop, and when this beautiful, honourable old girlcat so so sadly crossed to the bridge there were over 150 comments for her family. That is just damn awesome, and we know it couldn't heal the hurt and pain or bring her back, but it just shows what a web of support and concern we have. I am proud to be part of it.
And I have been a proud representative of perheeni too. Äiti is English and a big ritual for her is the drinking of tea. She has combined this with yummy Finnish pulla, so when we had a welcome guest the other day, I joined in and sat very neatly at the table, and ate pulla with our guest.
I must admit, I don't like tea though! The water from the tuna tin is much nicer.


Mr Puddy said...

Your blog is always be AWESOME ! for me. And your 7 things is cool !!!
# 2 I never know you have a naughty kneecap. Please take care !
# 7 I love my dad to comb my tummy fur too. Feel so Goooood !!!

and congratulation for Fuzzy Tales, they deserve it !

Me and my mom always thankful for you to teach us your language ! it's pretty unique blog and always awesome
I love your blog : )

Kea said...

Congratulations on your award! We love your blog and always enjoy visiting.

The mom will tell you that truly, the support of the CB has carried her through these dark weeks. Without this support and caring, she just could not have coped. So yeah, it is "damn awesome."

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Concats on your award. I told mum I am quite thin under my fur too, but she won't believe me and still put me on a diet.

Angel Simba said...

Concats on your award, and interesting to learn those things about you. I also am lean under the floof. Mom thinks we fluffy cats have an advantage because it takes a lot of food energy to keep and grow the long fur.

Kari said...

Congratulations on your award. You certainly deserve it your photos are just amazing. But then your family is remarkably beautiful.
How wonderful you sat in for tea! Our mum would have been over the moon if she was your guest. You look so adorable at the table. Mum would have insisted upon being seated next to you. You are such a gentleman. Maybe next time, there actually will be tuna juice for you.

OKcats said...

Congrats on your award, King Punapippuri! Mr. Puddy generously shared this with us, too, but our mom is working on other things, so we will have to wait a few days to post. We were very impressed at how mannerly you were sitting at the table, taking tea with your Aiti and her guest. But we have to shake our heads at the fact that it is always the girlcats you like to rile up. Tsk Tsk!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Hmm.. they should make tuna tea!!