Sunday, 6 February 2011

At last, Äiti has sat down and stopped putting together stuff that clutters my house and is letting me blog. I can show you a few things I have been up to while everyone else has been having their photos put into cyberspace and I have been patiently waiting.
I am still destroying a box. You can see how wonderful the experience us.
And I have been trying to get used to Äiti's latest purchase which we had hoped was a cat tree but it is a great metal monstrosity that she says will help her get fitter. Well I hope it does something as we are all unimpressed and it takes up a lot of space.
And I have of course been outside. We have had a lot more snow so I have tried to find more mouseholes, but not been successful.
But it has been good to walk out in to the fresh air (well, for a short time at least) and feel the snow between my paw pads. Here are some prints from Mirsku-veli and myself.
And here I am rushing through the snow, like ilves. I am the mighty Finnish hunter who has no fear of the cold.
And yesterday Äiti went up north to Ruotsi. usually I do not approve of such foreign trips but she did promise to come back with lots of treats and toys. I had a great time hiding some of the toys last night.
But I was very glad that this particular thing remained in the shop! We would never allow such torture items to be sold in Suomi, I am sure!


Kea said...

We laughed at your box eating...Nicki is still doing that to his "house," and the mom finally gave up and put it in the basement because he makes such a mess and such a noise. He can chew down there. LOL.

Hmmm, we're glad Äiti didn't come home with that "torture" item!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

A Kalm Kat Muzzle? How unspeakably rude!!!!

#1 once purchased a monstrosity similar to the one yourÄiti got, except hers has pedals, and all it does is clutter up the back room. She has not actually been anywhere near it for years. Her constant excuse is that she has to spend all her time taking Tom out in the fields...

You do look rather ecstatic when munching on that box. Is it catnip flavoured?

The Chans

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I love the way you destroy boxes and love all the pictures except for the last one which is awful, how could they sell that.. Hugs GJ xx

Unknown said...

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Katnip Lounge said...

We can see that your box must be simply delicious. Scouty wants one just like it!

We have had four type of exercize monstrosoties at our house; and well, we wish Aiti luck. Mommy relies on good genes to stay fit, but she needs to chase some toy mice, in our opinion...or put that cat torture device on at dinnertime...hee hee!

Mr Puddy said...

MOL..You made me laugh first thing in the morning !..ha ha..ha... How you tear the box : ) so funny !!!
I can't get over it !

I love the way you start the day with burst your energy. Pretty good for the cold day. But I don't think I like the Kalm Cat Muzzle.

Thank for made my day, Punapippuri. You are ROCK !!!

The Creek Cats said...

You are the bestest box destroyer ever, Punapippuri!

Catsparella said...

Aww, I love those sweet little kitty paw prints in the snow!

OKcats said...

The box destroying photos are the best!!! We love how Aiti captures your expressions. The muzzle? ACK! One of our brothers at the Bridge used to make the vets grab their falcon handling gloves - we bet he's glad they didn't have a cat muzzle!