Friday, 25 February 2011

As penance for my the revelation that I chase girlcats to tease them, here is a photo of Roosa who is pretty good at chasing herself. She fires around like a bullet after Dreamies.
And I am not the only proactive cat: Mirsku-veli enjoys chasing Pekka-poika and Äiti is fairly sure this is play -most of the time! Mirsku-veli is losing weight at the moment as he is not very assertive around the food bowl - and he prefers dried food to the wet mushy meaty Mjau we get. He has his own little serving, which of course we are all very interested in....
And of course, I am behaving impeccably. it is Friday and all is well with my world.


Kea said...

Happy Friday to you all; we wish you a wonder-full weekend. :-)

Mr Puddy said...

Roosa, I do chasing myself too : ) Mom always laugh when I done that.
Punapippuri, your tail is so fluff !!!! and I love your world..lokk so comfy..I guess you are ready for super nap : )

Kari said...

We love your second photo. It looks like Pekka and Mirsku are breaking into a dance!
You look marvelous, love, wrapped in your gorgeous tail.
Hope you have a lovely weekend with your mum. Hugs from us.