Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Äiti is happy with the way things are, but some of us are not. Pekka is easy-going and does not mind us, but some of us are not too sure. Stran-veli is very cool about it and there has been plenty of welcoming bottom sniffing. Rilli-ukko is of the opposite opinion and has been growling and yowling. Mirsku-veli has decided he didn't want an extra mancat around and has also been growling. This has surprised Äiti as Rilli-ukko and Mirsku-veli are usually pretty chilled. Ruska has also been heard hissing - the Muhos gang are not too happy that they are no longer the 'newcomers'.
I have been far more mature and have decided to be diplomatic - keeping my distance but sniffing respectfully too. But I have made my point to Äiti by not appearing for cuddles (Pekka-poika was on the bed again last night until Tuomo-veli reclaimed it at 1am for a very bitey scratchy play and then a tummy tickle). Also, where Pekka has left messages on a box, I have made sure my messages are bigger and better. Äiti says 'boys will be boys' and provided the pissakilpailu stops down quickly she'll tolerate it - for a short time!
But I also feel that there have been enough pictures of Pekka-poika for a while, and Äiti is under instructions to make sure that the owner of this blog gets enough attention - I am a very modest, undemanding cat but let it be known there's only room for one ginger King Kitty Cat in Finland (North).


Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

#1 has been grinning. She thinks that pissakilpailu is a wonderful word. Terribly evocative!

We have enough trouble sometimes with three of us so can only begin to imagine the bedlam that your numbers would create. Your Äiti is a brave woman!

The Chans

PS: HaHaHA! Our verification word is "properte"

Kari said...

We are a large family of cats. As you know, the first few days, when a newcomer is introduced, can be a bit unsettling but all seems to be coming along nicely. We don't separate our new kitties unless they want it. When mum brings a new kitty home, we think it's just someone that has been here all along. Things go very smoothly mow. Mum just got a new senior Siamese (10 yes old ) about 6 weeks ago. None of us even acted like he was new! Like your house, who gets to sleep in bed with mum is the big issue.

Katnip Lounge said...

We are sure there will be some competing pee-mails for a bit. Pekka does seem pretty mellow, though!