Wednesday, 5 January 2011

We were abandoned yesterday but Äiti was on a very important diplomatic mission. She went to take my greetings to King Kitty Cat of Finland (South), Herra Juuso who lives in Vantaa in the deep south of Finland. He is a very noble, commanding mancat who rules his kingdom with a firm paw and loud miaow (especially at 5am). He was pleased to receive a special catnip cigar rom me, which left him staring into space for most of the evening. I was very annoyed with the stupid airport staff as I had commanded Äiti take a tin of our favourite Feline Porta food with her, and it was not allowed on the pane in Äiti's bag. Well, she could have put it in somewhere called 'the hold' but for a tin of catfood she said it was not worth it. Now I take issue with her here as it is excellent nourishment, and just because she did not want to wait for a single tin of cat food to appear on the luggage carousel, poor Juuso had to do without. However the idea that a 400g tin of cat food is considered a terrorist risk is outrageous, and would be enough for me to declare war on all airport security. I wish I could have been at the airport to tell the staff what I thought of them but Äiti says that they were very helpful when the Britcats first came to Oulu, so I must not complain.
Äiti came home at 3am so we have all been very tired today. But she did bring in the most amazing postal delivery - all for me! And it was from my beloved Maggie May. My patience in waiting for the post man has been rewarded and I opened the parcel and beautiful card with great excitement. She has sent me a calendar! This is from the amazing Marley Fund . This foundation in the USA does great work providing support and education on feline retroviruses, including lots of valuable fostering work. We do not have these nasty FeLV and FIV as extensive problems here in Finland but we know they are a nightmare elsewhere. Anyway the pictures in the calendar are absolutely beautiful, and I am immensely proud to say that MY girlfriend Maggie May is Miss January (and her housemate Saylor is Miss September). Somehow I do not think that we will be changing the picture, as I will want January to last forever.........


Maggie May said...

So happy to hear the calendar finally arrived to you!!! Seems like it took forever! I love to hear you are proud of me as Ms January!!
Maggie May

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We are sadly only too familiar with FeLV, having lost two beloved brothers to it, and so we think that any organisation that works to eradicate anything so nasty is truly wonderful. As, of course, is your lovely girlfriend, Puna-Chan!!!

The Chans


Yep we know...that tin of cat food was so menacing that it had to be declared 'dangerous' ... I agree with you it's a good thing they didn't have to tussle with a 6 lb manx tuxie girl.


Katnip Lounge said...

How wonderful you got your Holiday Pressies! You will have to frame Miss Maggie May's picture to gaze on year 'round. You will want January to end, cuz February has VALENTINE'S day!!! ooh la la!

We giggled about the cat food...maybe it was the stinky contents they worried about!