Monday, 24 January 2011

A special early morning post while Äiti is half awake. But today we have a special event and it is to encourage all readers to encourage all humans to do something to help their local shelter/rescue centre. All of us, every single one of perheeni was RESCUED and rehomed. Same goes for so many of us out there. And our dream is that every kitty gets a home. Let's do something, even something really little, to help that dream today.


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Mum goes through our toys at Christmas and anything that we don't play with and is in good condition goes to our local shelter.Also she takes blankets and towels for beds for them. Through the year she takes clothes to the Cats Protection charity shop.

Catio Tales said...

Here in Finland the rescue places are so much less stressful than the UK as there are no feral kitties. The stories from England though are heartbreaking - Äiti used to do volunteer work in Bristol and would have adopted everyone if she could. The stories were so sad, and the survivors so amazing. Now we make sure we order lots of thing from Cats Protection and we are proud members.