Sunday, 23 January 2011

Over the last week or so we have had fun indoors as well, with a new box. This is from the last order of cat toys and goodies for us. Äiti has said it will be the last order so we must look after the box carefully. Of course!
Many of perheeni have investigated it (here is Ruska) but as it is my box, I am the only one allowed to destroy it. There will be photos of this soon as I have allowed Äiti to snap away during my exercises in cardboard mutilation.
Harris-veli is hunting a mouse on a string that has fallen in the box.
Rilli-ukko is jabbing a paw at an innocent little cat who is inside. I had done nothing to him!
And Mirsku-veli had to explore too.
However he decided to make himself comfortable, and I was worried that he would play at 'Schrödinger's cat' ! (Äiti has taught me some physics.) This is a hateful experiment and it does encourage me to destroy every box I see so that they cannot ever become a prison for innocent cats who are sacrificed in the name of inhumane 'thought experiments'. Physics should be all about laser pens and fun stuff like that !


Katnip Lounge said...

Hmmm, will Mirksu still be in the box if we look away? Apparently, half the time he will be.

Punapippuri, we salute your box-demolition technique! It must be phenomenally fun to watch you rend the box usunder with your mighty fangs. We need video!

Mr Puddy said...

Hey Mirksu, I love the way you bit the box....SMASH!!!!!!!
: )
Have a great great day

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Ah yes... A Zooplus box!!!!

The Chans

OKcats said...

Mirsku's eyes always have the look of devilishness - like he's always looking for some trouble to get in to! We had to stop by to tell you that the one thing we look forward to along with your blog posts are your comments on our blog posts - you always crack us up (even when you're relating to us your total misunderstanding of girlcats).

Kari said...

Again wow! You kitties are so gorgeous. We wonder why it took us so long to find you.!
Aren't brown boxes the best! We go mad for them when mum brings one home from the grocer. She bought us lots of fancy kitty beds we never use; we love our brown boxes. We want to tell you how much we enjoyed your beautiful snow photos. Most of us have never seen snow but our mum misses the stuff. Beans! Go figure!