Thursday, 20 January 2011

I am indeed the mighty hunter. I am a true Finncat who will brave the snow and ice and winter cold, and triumphantly bring in the food for perheeni to share. Well, this was the plan until I was cruelly robbed.
We were exploring the catio, and supervising Äiti doing the snow work.
Conditions were good and there were encouraging signs for some successful hunting.
I knew there would be creatures under the snow, and having discussed this with Stran-veli, I had a little dig.
I dug a little more.
Äiti knew to hold back and not disturb -and she knew that photos of my fluffy tail would be admired so there was no need to see my face.
Stran-veli came to check I was not too cold.
Mirsku-veli and Rilli-ukko just stepped by for moral support - which I did not need of course. I have sisu.
Under the snow my whiskers were getting twitchy.
And then, too fast to photograph, success and I ran with my prize into the house.
It's not hard to guess where it is. I was worried that the robo-vac would eat it. But then, disaster. Äiti pushed us away and rescued my trophy. I was not happy. We were banished inside as she went out.
And she let it return to the snow.
I was so upset - I wanted to send the tail to my beloved as a love token. But there will be other opportunities, and I have patience. I am indeed King Kitty Cat of Finland (North), and I will not be defeated.


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You are indeed a Mighty Hunter, but how cruel to be robbed of your prize.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

It seems that, just like our #1, your Äiti is a true softie who works to foil the glory of us hunters. A blue tit flew into our kitchen this morning and we were all leaping about trying to catch it, but she got to it first and she put it back outside. Honestly!!!

The Chans

Deb said...

Those are wonderful photos of the hunt.

OKcats said...

WOW!! We thought you were a bit crazy to be digging in the snow - we had no idea that little furries could actually live under there!!!!!! You are a great hunter, no doubt about it. As always, we love all of the photos!

Kari said...

When we saw you in the snow we were so worried about your little feeties! Goodness they must get cold! Mum couldn't imagine sticking her hand in the snow without a glove.
What a great hunt! An excellent adventure on a cold winters day. And the little catch could return to his burrow. Very nice.

Katnip Lounge said...

You were ROBBED!!!
That shrew would have been such a tasty morsel; we could weep with disappointment for you. Strategic tinkling is called for...those poor kitchen curtains.
And tomorrow, another excavation is certainly in order!

Cat said...

Whoa! I mean WHOA!!! I MEAN YOU ARE TOTALLY THE KING!! I am sooooooooo inexpressibly impressed that you have been hunting IN THE SNOW!! DUDE!! Sorry that you caught a mole...its just as good that your Mom took it away because you wouldn't have eaten it anyway. Believe me, I know...I have caught these before (in the summer only, mind you) and though they are fun to catch, they have tender hearts and tend to die of a heartattack rather quickly AND they have a funny smell that turns kitties off..but they are mega-soft and fun and WHO CARES...YOU CAUGHT A TROPHY!!!!! I am just so totally impressed!! And that you have such an excellent support team and that flying, floofy, fabulous tail of yours...words escape me.... You are a true supercat!!! I bow before you oh mighty king!! Purrs, Lautrec (and Tiny and The Wood) P.S. Our Mom also saves birds, lizards, snakes, frogs and other creatures from us...she has, through much heartache, allowed us to have mice, but even then she sometimes rescues them and frees them. Geez! How are we supposed to survive? I mean our egos need to be fed, don't they??

Mr Puddy said...

But nothing to worry guys !
Your Glory is still remain ...I will tell all cats on my street about " King Kitty Cat of Finland "
Very Very proud of you guys