Sunday, 30 January 2011

Here are some more catio fun pictures. Rilli-ukko is trimming what remains of joulukuusi.
He has a little bit of acne on his chin but it is not bothering him. Rilli is usually in the queue each morning, eager to go out. He often does not stay long, but he likes to inspect everything.
Mirsku-veli also dashes out and has fun climbing the snow piles. He comes in quite quickly though and does not have the patience and skill (like I do!) to be on mousewatch for hours.
Tuomo-veli only sometimes comes out, he prefers sleeping away and having his tummy tickled by Äiti at 4am. He is a soft lad but if any of us tell him that we get swiped.
He likes digging in the snow and then making it yellow.
Stran-veli likes to be in the snow when it is not too cold. Then he runs in and out of the house, and chases anyone and everyone.
He is a hero, leaping around and exploring.
He likes to check the catio carefully and likes the snow.
Äiti has been worried that he is careful as he had nasty bacteria and viruses when he first arrived in Finland, and she wants these to stay away, but Stran loves going outside and his lungs seem to be okay (we have our paws up for this - in Finland we do not say 'fingers-crossed' for luck, we say thumbs up instead). Long may this last, because he is everyone's top cat.


Catsparella said...

Rilli-ukko is a good gardener :)

Angel Simba said...

You are all much better with snow than me: I haven't experienced it enough to be casual about it. In some of those pictures, Stran looks quite a lot like I do!

The Creek Cats said...

Enjoy your Sunday, furiends!

Katnip Lounge said...

Your snow pictures are so much can you stand to have your paw pads get so cold? We are a bunch of Western Weenies, we'd be complaing in about 3 seconds flat. You and Stran have coats so much the same color!
Mommy says that a rubbing with warm damp washcloth may help loosen Rilli's blackheads. She also has used a soft toothbrush with good results.
Oh, and don't eat any yellow snow!

OKcats said...

Great shots again! Stran is an excellent jumper! I, Fuzzy, have a blackhead or something near the top of one of my legs, but my vet said it was ok to leave it alone. It only bothers my mom, so there is no need to fuss with it. My mom has been thinking about getting harness so floofy Zoe can play in the snow, but she'll probably be too lazy to actually buy one.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

You are all very brave. It looks far too cold for us Chans!


Carolyn said...

Paws up AND crossed from cousins Bramble and Treacle. You can have British and Finnish good luck

Kari said...

Hello Rilli, love. Your mum has really outdone herself again with with the beautiful photos of you doing your gardening. A kitty's work is never done, is it. We are sorry to see that you have an acne flare up. We had it too! The first time was when mum bought us non skid plastic bowls for our water. Several of us got acne and our vet said NO plastic bowls, only stainless steel . The second time was related to the top name brand dishwasher detergent mum was using. She switched to a less strong one and our acne went away. Possibly yours is hormonal just like the beans. The vet said mum could use Stridex pads to cleanse our chins when we had the acne, provided she never got it on our lips or mucous membranes but she never tried it.
Keep warm and comfy. Love from us.

Mr Puddy said...

Watch you guys play with snow, It's just amaze me !!!
I never been in snow, But from your photos I can tell if I have a chance, I will love to play like you guys : )