Saturday, 15 January 2011

Finally Äiti has uploaded some photos. Now we have to share them over several posts, so I have chosen my antics on the catio to begin with.
We have not been out very often as it has been very snowy and quite dark (so Äiti has used the flash so that you can see my fur more clearly). There's loads of snow on the catio roof wire. Äiti said we could go out today as she was going to clear some snow - which is very helpful as we now can explore a bit without freezing our removed-whotsits off.
We were not so impressed today when we went out as we think -24'C is a stupidly cold temperature. So these are pictures from a few days ago.
I have no fear and will leap around behind the forest, and over the drifts.
I will seek shelter in snow holes, and wait patiently.
I will also climb up so I can see further over my kingdom.
Mirsku-veli joined me in my adventures.
He went digging.
Hehehehe. Best foot forward, Fatboy.
Don't wash it - your tongue will freeze!
We regroup to discuss the landscape from the safety of the hut.
And if we get really lucky then we'll catch the visitors to the catio, although for some reason we are not allowed out unsupervised at the moment.
We are sure a bird-hunt would make an excellent action sequence of pictures.
Thanks you to all my loyal readers for voting in my poll - there's still a little time left for those last minute voters. I will spend much time discussing the results with Äiti so she can adjust the blog accordingly. And I also wish to discuss with her the suggestion that every cat should have a little sister, made by the OK cats. I dismissed this of course but they have said that a younger girlcat might be fun. I still have doubts, and it looks like I have to log off now as Äiti is looking rather angrily at me. Apparently perheeni is quite big enough.


Kea said...

Oh, such wonderful pics! Yesterday we had -24C windchill too, but at least we had sunshine. Today it's a snowstorm! It's crazy white out there and though we boys have been out a couple of times, we'd rather have Spring!

Stay safe and warm, everyone!

OKcats said...

hehehe!! Well, perhaps your family is large enough. After all, we just have 2 of us and our mom is overwhelmed at times. We love the photos today! The action shots were awesome! We laughed at Mirksu having snow on his face - he's crazy! We probably liked the ones the best where you were bounding through the snow! But we would not like -24 degrees. We were getting tired of 20 degF - we're kind of wimpy girls here.

OKcats said...

Oh, we also meant to say that we really do enjoy your blog every day. Every post is entertaining to us, really! So we don't feel there is a need to adjust your blog at all, unless you just want to try something different.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Worth waiting for those pictures.they are superb. I still think you are brave as I stay inside when there is snow and those temperatures.. No thanks.. LOl Hugs GJ xx

Mr Puddy said...

Wow ! all pictures are worth for waiting !!!!
My mom said your mom's camera is really good because we can't feel you using the flash at all !

We love every photos and our favorite is the second photo, that's Amazing Snow ! and when you jumped and photo of Mirsku when have lots of snow on his face..: ) and of corse I love the birdy one as well.


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Those are great action photos. Were you trying to melt the snow in the third photo?

Katnip Lounge said...

What excellent action photos! They were WELL worth the wait! The hinder-end shot of you diving into the undergrowth is superb.

We see the snow-tank (Mirksu) is in fine he a little touched in the head to USE his head as a shovel?

Also, little sisters ARE fun!

The Creek Cats said...

Look at how much fun you're having!!! Maggie May wishes she was there frolicking in the snow with you!