Monday, 27 December 2010

We have just about recovered, except for Tuomo-veli who kept on waking Äiti throughout the night for cuddles and biting games. He finally settled for just tummy tickles at about 5am, which was nearly our breakfast time so we have a very tired Äiti right now. We have no sympathy as she wakes us often enough. We make no apology to all you mancats who love Roosa and her cute little manxie bottom - here is yet another gorgeous view.
I promised more Christmas pictures and here we have some deep appreciation of the food that was given to the Muhos Gang. Risto and Roosa are sharing one can of some yummy lohi. They are still very close brother and sister, even if they do not chat to the rest of us that much.
Stran-veli comes along for a peak but Risto and Rilli-ukko will be the perfect gentlemen cats and protect Roosa (who is pretty good at protecting herself actually).
She is giving Stran-veli a stern look but they peacefully end up sharing the food.
And she is very happy to share with Ruska who is making up for Roosa's missing tail by magnificently showing his own splendid fluff.
And Risto then retreats to digest his food in peace. He has also been sniffing considerable quantities of catnip, and behind those benevolent eyes we know he is actually counting flying mousies. Äiti makes sure that Roosa and Risto get lots of cuddles even though they hardly ever come downstairs. Her new year wish is that they, and Lewis-veli become more sociable. Trouble is, she will then run out of hands for tickling us with.


Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

The fact that humans have only two hands is really quite annoying....

Lovely photos!

The Chans

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We had to laugh at the look Roosa was giving Stran-veli.

Mr Puddy said...

It's really nice to see you guys share Lohi in the good way.

Roosa, Yes sure ! Ruska will be very please you share with him because he got a big pile of lohi
( I never know sharing food with girl is good ! Boy has a big pile, girl has just one piece. It's so fair : )

Have a great Day, Guys : )

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh, the ManCats here are pushing and shoving for a second look at Roosa's bottom! She is quite a doll in their opinion!
We are going to have to speak sternly to our Mommy over our complete and utter lack of lohi at our house. It's unfair!
You are going to have to create a tickling roster so Aiti provides the correct amount of rubbins to each of you at the right time.

OKcats said...

King Punapippuri, it was very kind of you to feature your subjects on your blog today. We don't think you are buddies with Risto, Rilli, and Ruska, so it was especially good of you to show us pictures of them.