Friday, 31 December 2010

We are pleased to announce Äiti shifted herself out of bed this morning and we were fed on time. She also polished our facilities and made herself lots of cups of tea so she must be better. For that purpose we have a celebratory end of year photofeast. Firstly Aila-sisko and Stran-veli share some of Rilli-ukko's special food. Well, he had walked off with a full tummy (it was his second portion) so they of course could not let it go stale.
And now we have Tuomo-veli attacking a toy.
He still has mean and sharp claws and teeth, even if at 2am he rolls on his back with four paws flying, purring like a little kitten wanting his tummy rubbed.
Äiti is getting to understand his tail langauge and usually manages to pull away before he turns 'playful'.
And finally, Mirsku-veli and I are fighting over who gets to sit on the reading chair. I have been resting peacefully and he comes along to interfere.
Look at his ears! I am not afraid.
I knight thee, Sir Fatboy. Now go away.
Ouch. Belly flop.
Huumph. Snaarffh. I need to breathe.
But I am too skilful. And victory is mine. This is my seat. Now I have to rearrange my pawfluff again.
And so I am of course King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) & of the reading chair.
And in that capacity I wish onnellista uutta vuotta, a very happy new year to everyone. We hope the tears and triumphs of 2010 will lead in to a happy, healthy, wealthy and treat-full 2011 with much love and luck for all felines and their humans. We have candles of hope and remembrance blazing brightly here and hope that they reach out to everyone. Even to girlcats. (And especially to one girlcat who is very chilly at the moment, darling Maggie May - here is to a year free from naughty kneecaps x)


Kea said...

Happy new year to you all. We wish you a wonderful 2011, filled with laughter, good health, joy and love!

Katnip Lounge said...

A Very Happy New Year to all of you FinCats and Fincat transplants!
We're happy Aiti is feeling better and your foods are being served uninterrupedly. The battle you fought with Mirksu was epic and deserves to be immortalized in a poem!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Happy New Year to you and your family too. We are glad Aiti is feeling better. There is nothing worse than having to wait for your meals. What was Mirsku thinking, trying to turf you out of your chair? We knew you would be the victor.

Mr Puddy said...



PS : I love your battle : )

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Happy new year my friends, I hope Äiti continues to improve and 2011 is a wonderful one.

Christine and FAZ said...

That's a good way to show who's boss (for now anyway). Happy New Year from us. FAZ & Birks

Sirpa said...

Happy New Year! :) What a cat fight, ears and everything! :D

The Creek Cats said...

The temperature was 62 degrees today!! So nice!!
Maggie May

OKcats said...

Oh my gosh, you had our mom laughing and squeeing at your tussle with Mirsku. You knight thee fatboy - MOL!! We're glad your New Year's Eve celebration was so much fun!