Sunday, 12 December 2010

Today we have a photofeast for you. Äiti has some uses, afterall.
We persuaded Äiti we are mancats enough to cope with the cold, so have been outside checking the white stuff. It was a little bit chilly on the paws. Rilli-ukko is showing that although he is old, he wants to run in the snow with the rest of us.
Äiti loves his little white tail tip!
Stran-veli is picking his way through the drifts carefully.
And Fatboy Mirsku-veli somehow has snow all over his head.
He's not sure how, and it tickles his tongue.
And now Äiti is worried his tongue will freeze to his claws. He is fastidious though and has to have a wash, even at -15'C. Our friends at the Katnip Lounge have asked how much Mirsku-veli weighs as he looks like a 'tank on paws'. Hehehehe. We thought that really funny, until he biffed us. Well, he is a delightful 7.7kg (which is nearly 17 pounds in silly units). And it's all muscle and heavy bones - honest.
Ruska is 6.6kg. And that was when he had had his fluff shaved off so we do not know what he weighs now.
And after fun in the snow, came inside for a sleep or seven.
Yawny time - put the camera away please........
Whew - I am not sure I want to stand in front of hurricane breath.
And I want a head rub. Or I will use these teeth to good effect.
And we haven't featured Tuomo-veli recently. I have had great fun sneaking up on him and scaring him off the bed. he runs away squealing like a girlcat. He has however taken up residence by Äiti's pillow at night and this big mean bully-cat is as soft as butter.

And Äiti can even poke his pawpads. And very strangely she survived to tell the tale without major injury.


The Creek Cats said...

Wishing you were here with me. Although it's raining, it's a nice 57 degrees out!
Maggie May

Katnip Lounge said...

17 silly units? Mirksu and Sylvester weigh the same! Sly looks longer, though. We think you are all either crazy or brave (or both) to frolic in the snow when it's so cold!
Mommy thinks Tuomo is handsome and she would be tempted to play with his feets, AND his tummy. Of course, only AFTER she finished with you, Punapippuri!