Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mirsku-veli wants to join in being exhausted and starving. Somehow we don't think it's very convincing as we know he just likes lying on his back and showing us his tummy-fluff.
I, however, was having a well-deserved sleep when I was very rudely awakened. I made sure I had revenge as I was saving up a super stinky out-breath which sadly did not destroy the camera, but did cause Äiti to back away.
Äiti was very pleased today when she came back from shopping. She said that our litter has decreased in price so we can use it freely and frequently. Ha! I had of course been doing so and wondered why she was getting annoyed when I kept leaving little piles of it in front of our facilities. Like any self-respecting cat (particularly a king) I am fastidious in my habits and strongly believe that litter sculptures are an important feature in our private areas.
Anyway, Äiti has saved lots of money this month so bought us some great new beds which Ruska has been busy trying for size.
She also bought us some toys - we have a lovely purple spider which I chased until Ruska caught it. Now he has decided it is his. But I shall be patient and reclaim my toys when he is not watching.


Mr Puddy said...

Ruska, just don't tell any one and then you can have that bed. Make sure you mark your sense first before the other cats come.

My mom want you to know, she really love your look. Black and Cute with those beautiful eyes : )

Katnip Lounge said...

We think Mirksu *might* look a little peckish, but surely not starving!

Punapippuri, you have an impressive set of chompers. Matches your breath! We think you should use as much litter as you want. Rupert is a VERY enthusiastic digger and he flings litter out of our swimming pool facilities--from the opposite side!

OKcats said...

We are so impressed on how comfortable Ruska seems - it's nice that he enjoys toys and beds!!