Friday, 5 November 2010

We have been having loads of fun with string and lasers, and you can see how well I am getting on with Ruska. We all love our morning social games except the upstairs bunch, who should come and play too but they are too nervous.
Our friend the Robot Vac is back. We're not sure how well it's going to work as it has whizzed around like a mad thing and then stopped. We all really like it - when it works! And Tuomo-veli has decided the box is quite nice too.


Kea said...

We like strings and lasers, too, but we're not sure we'd like that Robo-Vac! Derry would be scared, we know that!

Katnip Lounge said...

We see you really do like your morning playtime...all the better to snooze away the afternoons! The upstairs kitties should get involved...maybe a little nip to get them jump-started?
RoboVac intrigues Daddy...he is our Head Kitty Defluffer and labors daily to defur our house.
Mommy liked "Scouser-Mouser"! You cracked her up.

Mr Puddy said...

Lot of great Fun here !
Morning play is a great idea ! because normal, I play in the late evening , I will tell my mom and my sis. about that.
By the way, String is my favorite too : )

OKcats said...

You always have the cutest expressions on your little orange face!