Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Risto and Roosa are here in a family photo. No one else gets close to Roosa and her Extended Claw, and no one wants to get near Risto.
This morning we joined forces - Britcats, the Muhos Gang, the Raahe farmboy and my royal self. We had a five-cat attack on the bed to try to get Äiti to give us food at the proper time. Actually, farmboy Tuomo slept the whole night there and if he's not careful Äiti will use him as a pillow as he sleeps so close to her head. He spends his nights being soppy, and the day time stalking anyone from Muhos and being a bit mean. Rusko slept by Rilli, he adores Rilli-ukko and even lets Äiti tickle him when his hero is near by.
Stran-veli finally got Äiti moving; despite a nose lick he didn't manage it until 6am so our bellies were all rumbling louder than Ruska's purrs. So tomorrow, we need a further attack planned: maybe Aila-sisko can do her very heavy jumping onto the bed - that usually wakes Äiti immediately as she doubles up with chest pains.
Or we could just get fatboy Mirsku-veli to wander over: with over 7kg of enthusiasm he could shift a mountain.


Katnip Lounge said...

6 AM? How unsatifactory! You will have to try a full Force of Nine tomorrow...have you tried nostril licking? It works for us.
Or shrieking in another room works well too!

OKcats said...

My mom woke up more than once to find she was using my bridge brother Snuggles as a pillow!! He never seemed to care. He was nasty to me, but he was really laid back with my mom. We think it's neat that Ruska purrs so loud! House panthers are cool (my mom made me say that).

Your friend, Fuzzy