Monday, 22 November 2010

Our new chair is proving very popular. Stran-veli has been testing it and yesterday Mirsku-veli actually sat on Äiti's lap for an hour testing it. He's not been a 'lap cat' before and we are very pleased he is joining with myself and Aila-sisko in pinning down Äiti and preventing her from doing things she foolishly considers useful. Sitting in front of her face as she types is my particular favourite.
Lewis-veli is continuing to eat well- he has his own private dining area on top of the wardrobe. However we are now a bit worried about Tuomo-veli who is eating less (he eats half our daily ration on his own normally) and spent the night on his back wanting his tummy tickled. We think he has a furball, but he is unsually quiet. Between the soft farmboy wanting cuddles and Rilli-ukko's snoring (which was loud enough to keep us all awake), Äiti got about two hours sleep and was not happy this morning.
We still managed some string games though. I am emerging like a rocket from my box, and Ruska is showing his short belly fur as he thwacks the string.
playing really well and is trying to interact with us. He's become so much more confident and is right in the kitchen at meal times. I'm good friends with him and we share nose rubs often. We both bravely stayed on mouse-watch after all the Britcats had escaped inside yesterday.


Kea said...

Tell Äiti to try ear plugs -- our mom uses them at night quite often, so she doesn't hear Annie and Nicki taking turns running through the house at night and meowing their fool heads off.

We hope Tuomo-veli is okay!

Katnip Lounge said...

Poor Aiti! At least her short night did not prevent her from obtaining excellent action shots of you.
Your new chair looks like quite a wonderful new addition, we need our Mommy to buy one.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Love the new chair and your mum did well getting the pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

OKcats said...

Our mom gets cranky, too, when I keep her up at night. What's so wrong with a floofy orange cat wanting someone to talk to and play with in the wee hours of the morning? She should be honored. Guess what? I didn't become a lapcat until my mom bought her recliner - now she says I'm bordering on a velcro cat. Sir Punapippuri, I may need some advice on how to deal with an ungrateful subject.

Your friend, Zoe