Friday, 12 November 2010

It's been months since I blogged - you just cannot get the human staff nowadays! Äiti said she's been busy with boring stuff like work, and today to make up for it she came home extra early and we played outside in deep snow. Now we have many pictures and it will take a while to sort through them, but I think you can see how much fun we were having. Stran-veli was the first to sneak out. Then Rilli-ukko and Aila-sisko were behind him and sinking deep.
I was far too fast and agile to sink, and did some really good running and leaping.
As it was not so cold (only just below freezing, which is warm to us Finncats) we stayed out on mousewatch for a while.
Äiti is worried about Lewis-veli who has not shown his face much .Today she saw him walking for the first time in ages (usually he sneaks around when she is not watching) and he has lost weight. He is deeply affected by noise and all the tensions, so has not been getting to the food bowl as much as he could. Sadly he's always been nervous, and Äiti must pay extra special attention to him. He eats when food is by him, so she thinks it is just nerves. He will be getting his very own bowl now - on top of the wardrobe! A few purrs for peace for perheeni might help though, loyal blog-readers.


Kea said...

Oh, yes, purrs for Lewis-veli! And smooches from our human too.

We thought our country, Canada, was the second snowiest and coldest in the world, but you have us beat on early snowfall. We thought yours would have melted by now! (We think those statistics must be skewed because of the large northern areas, whereas most of the human population lives in the southern part of our country.)

Anyway, you guys have fun...Our mom hopes it's another month before we get any snow that stays, but we don't think she'll be so lucky....

Catio Tales said...

There is much debate here over the snowfall - Äiti says it is likely to melt but we think it may not as Tessie-kilpikonna (our tortoise who helps us forecast the weather) is fast asleep and this indicates a hard winter. usually the snow here only stays in late November but we are brave Finncats and are prepared.

OKcats said...

Mr. Punapippuri, we will purr for peace for your fur family. It makes our mom sad when one of us is nervous or not happy, so she is very sad for your Aiti.

That picture of you running in the snow is awesome! We are amazed at how much snow you have already. We've barely had freezes yet, and that has only been for a night or two. We don't normally get a lot of snow here, so we really enjoy seeing your pictures. Aila is a very brave girlcat to go out in the snow in her short Brit coat.

Your warm American friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

We've got lot of purrs for Lewis-veli, and we hope he's nice and warm inside, it looks so cold where you are!

Katnip Lounge said...

Excellent action shots! We think that with all the paws trampling out there you will keep the snow down to a managable depth. Peeing will melt it, too; do you use the snow like Cat litter and "bury" with it?

Poor Lewis, We hope he starts to feel a bit more confident. Getting a separate meal will certainly help him feel special.