Thursday, 4 November 2010

How were we to remember it is World Peace Day and it was not appropriate to begin the morning with loud screeches and roars from Risto? We've not had a fight for a while so of course it had to happen today. Äiti is not so happy - even though we were very kind to her and there was no 5am attack. We hope the rest of the world can do a better job! Peaceful greetings to you all.


Kea said...

We'll hope for a peaceful day in your house! :-)

Purrs and peace to you all!

Katnip Lounge said...

Risto has an interesting vocabulary! We'd like to learn some norty words from a distance, of course!

Hoping the rest of your day is Peaceful.

Catio Tales said...

Äiti says she can send him to you if you just give us your postal address......

Anonymous said...

Thanks PPP!
We have now pics and card, which we can check who is the KING?

Sometimes boys think that either of them (Tepsu/Max)is king. Then we look at Your pics and after that there is peace on earth again.

Happier new year to Your perheesi PPP. Hope that in this year nothing sad gonna happened.( We have heared lately too many sad news.)
Vilperi's servant with Tepsu and Max