Friday, 29 October 2010

Well, it has been a bit busier inside - but not because of a mousie. We have had a new toy - stuffed full of stinky valerian. We have not had this wonderful smelly stuff before and it has sent us into paroxysms of joy. Harris-veli was so confident he even rolled around in bliss just 2m from Äiti.
Mirsku-veli was camera shy in all his bliss.
It wasn't all harmony as Risto and Stran-veli had more claws and paws time. Stran has a very big scratch on his ear and also a swipe down his nose, but this evening they are sitting together in the same room. It is Tuomo-veli who comes to cause mischief and upsets Risto, then Stran gets involved as he is Defender of Perheeni. But it is not all bad as Lewis-veli has even been outside, and sat downstairs for a while.
Äiti has been home from work (her autumn break) this week and today she did stay with us so we were happy. I had lovely snuggles and even tolerated the diabolical comb for a few seconds. My winter furs are growing and are a bit itchy.
Stran-veli's fur is shorter now - he still looks magnificent though. As Harris-veli always reminds him.


Katnip Lounge said...

Oh my...valerian is simply wonderful, isn't it? We go all silly and then nap for several hours, dreaming of pink spotted mousies.
Poor Stran, The Baby sends kissies as she too is nursing a scratched ear, the result of her pestering Sweet Pea.
Our diabolical combs must be related. Mommy gives us one to chew on and combs us with another...that way we get revenge and groomed at the same time.

Mr Puddy said...

You all are so cute !!!
Me & My mom love your photos a lot

Kea said...

We've never had Valerian, though our mom takes it to help her sleep sometimes. Maybe she can get us some of the dried stuff! We'd like to try it too!

OKcats said...

The dynamics in your family are very complicated - we are just 2 simple girls who can easily pretend the other is invisible. We love all of the pictures, though. And we must send our mom out for Valerian root! I'm glad that combs in this house are not diabolical. We just have a Zoom Groom and a faux-Furminator that are really good for orange kitties, but gray kitties don't like them. That is a bit strange...

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe