Saturday, 30 October 2010

We have had a very relaxed day and even Aila-sisko was not minxing about like a crafty girlcat (not that there is anything wrong with girlcats -I just don't understand them sometimes!). Äiti has finally swept the catio but it is a little too cold and damp for us to destroy the leaf pile she has crafted. She has also discovered just quite how often we have been leaving little deposits out there too, and is hoping they will biodegrade a little before everything freezes up!
Tuomo-veli has taken up residence for 23 hours each day on Äiti's bed, and demands tummy tickles at least twice each night. This is giving him the confidence to harrass Risto and there is now usually a growling and whining chorus at some point after midnight. Risto enjoyed a lovely cuddle and combing earlier - not that I was watching jealously or anything.
Mirsku-veli has also been very soppy, but his belly rubs often end up with a bitey game which can be a bit scratchy too. Unfortunately he has broken the box by spilling his fatboy tail out of it. I shall forgive him, as he's a bit bigger than me.
Harris-veli still loves his valerian bag. (I have commanded Äiti to buy more valerian, and not as a cure for her own insomnia!). I wouldn't like to mess with those claws and in fact I have been keeping a respectful distance from everyone behind the new curtain Äiti put up. It lasted two days before someone's paws pulled it down. I am remaining silent about this matter.


Katnip Lounge said...

Never a dull moment at your house. We are envious of your ability to poop freely in the Great Outdoor Soil of Finland. How wonderful that must be!

CC also enjoys tummy tickles at night; Mommy uses them as a bribe to recover "her" portion of the bed as he is a giant bed hog and prefers the exact middle. Actually, we all do!

Cara n Crew said...

Heh heh! Way to keep the Kitty Code about the curtains :). Our mom would like to have nicer window dressings but she knows one of us will climb them or tear them down - so we have to settle for blinds.

We have heard other kitties speak of valerian but we have yet to try it- hmmm...we'll have to get our mom to get us some. Purrs-
-Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

Maggie May said...

I love valerian too!!
My love, thank you so much for the gorgeous self-portrait magnet you mailed me. Wow- what a super surprise! I absolutely love it and will treasure it forever. You are so handsome! I am happy to report my poorly eye is almost 100%better now.
Maggie May

Mr Puddy said...

Tummy tickles at night, That is my favorite time of the day too

I got no ideas about Valerian. Because mom still can't find where to buy it yet. But I guess must be smell wonderful !

Me too, Since I get bigger, I don't know why I love to play that bitey game with my mom. But she improved her skill, not much tattoo like the old day !

I love to hind behind the curtain too, That's so fun !