Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Voi voi. What a night. We are all a bit subdued and Tuomo-veli doesn't know how to be (so he's deciding to be angry and not eat). Last night there was a big fight which got Äiti out of bed to find a fleeing cat (she was not sure who) and Stran-veli and Tuomo-veli having a real fur, claw and tooth match. She picked up Tuomo-veli (he had pinned Stran-veli down), and Tuomo took great objection to that so sank his teeth in Äiti's hand. He was ver y good at this and accomplished his mission with great satisfaction. She was three hours at the hospital waiting for antibiotics. Stran-veli came to sit by her and nuzzle her while she waited at home for some very kind friends for a ride to the hospital. And when she came back to bed I lay on her to show I cared. And then Tuomo-veli slept by her head, snoring away. Today Äiti is tired and has a big hand, but we are very grateful that she can use it well enough to open our food packs. Otherwise we would all have beaten up Tuomo-veli.


Katnip Lounge said...

Oh dear! Oh no! This is Not Good.
Your poor Aiti, Mommy feels terrible for her. We get the squirt bottle when we fight, but sometimes we are so intense it doesn't matter much. Daddy says try a whistle or a can with pebbles in it to startle the fighters.
Johnny put his fangs into Mommy's knuckle once and it got fat like a sausage...*sigh*

Kea said...

Uh oh! Not good at all! We're sending your mom lots of healing purrs! Our mom got in the way of Annie and another cat once, a few years ago (long story) and got 5 bites in her hand for it from Annie's redirected aggression. Never come between fighting cats or try to pick one up. Ever. Spray them, throw something at them.

Our mom didn't go to emerg, though she thought she might have to, but she did go for a tetanus booster.