Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Today is an important day for perheeni. We remember Monty-cat who left us two years ago. I did not know him for long but he was the reason I met my Äiti because she came to ystävämme eläinlääkäri the day I was brought there. Monty-cat was sick, with poorly kidneys, and he was too sick to play with me. But he wasn't nasty to me (which Äiti was worried about).He was an old man cat who knew it would soon be his time so I only got kind sniffs from him.
No one knows how old Monty-cat was because he was a street cat in England. I do not like the sound of that, but Äiti says not everyone is nasty to street cats and he did have food and he did trust humans. He was in the Moggery eläinkoti for a few months where Äiti did some work, and he had his thyroid removed and was in a bad way. He had a smashed up rib cage and we have a very strange X-ray with twisted bones from many years ago so they were all healed up wrong. He had a heart murmur and also some arthritis but Äiti would take him for walks. This was very strange in England - he used to walk her round the block and everyone would stare. He hated the vet and it would take three people and a big towel to cut his claws ( Äiti had less cat trees in England and there was no garden!). He had to have his second thyroid removed after he spent many nights howling away, and he also had metacam painkillers for his back. It was this that made his kidneys sick - Äiti hates herself for this as she gave him the medicine but without it he would have been in a lot of pain. He was allowed to come to Finland with the other Britcats, and was the first to say hello to Äiti at Oulu Airport- he sat up and stretched and looked her in the eye and yawned. You can guess she was cryng then as she was so pleased to see her family arrive safely. He - like the others- of course loved Finland and the new apartment. He had three happy months here before he became very sick. And in that time he never once missed the litter tray and always had dignity and respect (even if he would crawl into the bed for a cuddle everyday).
Tonight we light a candle for him, and up behind those snow clouds there's a little Monty-star in the sky.


Mr Puddy said...

Monty-cat will be very please to know your family still love and miss him so much.

I will light the candle and purrs for him, Rest in peace *

Kea said...

Monty-cat obviously was a very special and well-loved cat. It seemed he had a hard life, with injuries and health issues, but we're so glad he was deeply adored.

Katnip Lounge said...

We'll look for Monty's star tonight.
He was a wonderful Cat, indeed! Imagine him walking Aiti around the block...we are smiling just thinking of it.
Whiskerkissies from us to Aiti and Perheeni, XX

OKcats said...

Your Monty-cat was a very brave guy! Your Aiti should not be upset with herself for giving him medicines - sometimes you have to choose one evil over another, and sometimes you don't know something is evil until much later. Anyone who reads your blog knows she will always do what is best for any of you.

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe