Sunday, 10 October 2010

At last, some decent, clear pictures. Mostly of me, of course, and a grooming session I had earlier.
And as you can see, I have the cleanest toe pads and paw fur in Finland. Such perfection takes effort - it is tiring.
And now also a picture of an exciting little feature that Roosa has - an extended claw.
This strikes me as a very girlcat thing to have as it's a bit sneaky. She never retracts this sharp blade, and it's a sure sign to all of us to keep away from her.
But Risto her brother doesn't mind - the two of them are very close and sweet together and I am sure she never uses the angry claw with him.


Kea said...

Ouch--that's one sharp-looking claw!

That first photo is incredible. Excellent!

OKcats said...

Those are fabulous pictures!