Friday, 3 September 2010

Well, it feels like another long day on the roller coaster here. I am still walking tail held high but we have had a big fight here in perheni. Luckily no one has been seriously hurt, and medical attention has been received, but Äiti and I really wish this would all calm down. Äiti does not know what exactly happened (and we have our code of honour not to tell her), but she has pieced things together from the fur trail.
Tuomo-veli and Aila-sisko had a disagreement and the fur trail from the Evil Flap to the kitchen, where Äiti found her with some ruffled fur which you might just see here.

However the fight was between Tuomo-veli and Stran-veli who must have interfered to protect Aila. He is such a hero cat.
Äiti found them on the catio growling away, with Stran-fluff dripping blood from his poor ear, and Tuomo-veli looking guilty with ginger fur in his mouth.
She immediately intervened and gave first aid and cuddles, and then got these pictures. All is now calm and Äiti thinks it happened because Tuomo-veli has been in a bad mood because he had a cut on his head - he has been very quiet, and growly when touched in the last day or so. We are all now hoping for some peace and quiet, while the scratches heal up. Stran is a total hero though, protecting Aila-sisko whom he has known since she was a tiny kitten. I am not sure I would fight Tuomo in order to protect a Girlcat.
Poor Stran-veli has a scratch on his nose too now. Everyone has shared TWO boxes of Mjau tonight, and we are hoping that there'll be a tin of tonnikala opened - after all protein is very good for healing.


Maggie May said...

So sorry to hear about the scuffle. We hope things settle down for you, furiends.
♥ Maggie May

Katnip Lounge said...

Sorry to hear about the rumble...we do that here, too. The Baby scuffles a lot with the rest of the Horde. She usually is sporting a scratch or a ding on her ear. Mommy calls her "Old Grizzled Whitey" because of alla her war wounds. Stran is a Hero! We think he is a Very Brave ManCat, and deserves some tuna fish!

Cara n Crew said...

Oh poor Stran and his ouchies! He is a hero! We hope you all get some special treats to help calm things over.

Fraidy cats: Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

ikk68 said...

Stran can move to our house anytime :)

Greetings, Aada and the Girls.