Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This is just a quick post, with no pictures because the camera has been swallowed up with photos of, you guessed it, stinky birds. They are all flying away soon so maybe we will get the attention we deserve!
Rilli-ukko got his test results back and he has tired kidneys. This has made us sad but Äiti had a long discussion with ystävämme eläinlääkäri and is telling us that she thinks he will be playing with us for quite a while yet - he needs to go on special food and have some tasty tablets to help him. He is purring away like a motor and Äiti says he is her 'little shadow' because he follows her around and greets her when she walks in from work. She also wakes up at night and he is on her bed. We do not mind this - he is a lovely ukko-cat. Äiti is already very fond of him - judging by the amount of tickles he gets. Äiti has been trying to put a video of him playing on to this blog but it has not worked for some reason, but I am commanding her to keep trying, in between organising my birthday presents.
His being sick was nothing to do with his kidneys but it meant that his bloods were all checked, which they hadn't been for three years, so this may have been happening for a while. He may not be so happy with his diet though - Dreamies will be strictly rationed!

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Katnip Lounge said...

BIG purrs for Old Man Rilli. My AngelCat Chuckles did quite well for several years with tired kidneys. Regular check-ups and special fudz will go a long way to keeping him buzzing away for a long time yet.

Kissies to all you Cats!

XX MomKat Trish