Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Playtime! As we are now settling down (despite the carpet of fluff Äiti discovered when she came downstairs - there had been another fight but everyone is keeping quiet about it!), we are having some very important chasing and string-biting. Rilli-ukko is joining in which is great, as we welcome new players.
And after all the tension recently it has been great just to charge around and hide and pounce -I am after all an athletic mancat who wants to run free. I have to do these things to show off to the Girlcats - I do still think they are irritating and incomprehensible, but I am beginning to be interested in their company, and Roosa is very pretty on the eye, hehehe. Aila-sisko won't let me stare at her for long, so I daren't say anything about what I think of her.
Anyway, us mancats have more important things to do - look at Mirsku-veli flexing his muscles. He better be careful or Äiti will come along and grab that belly - he likes that and will rabbit kick and spin around: if Äiti does that to me the claws come out and I can promise there will be blood!

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Katnip Lounge said...

AHA! You are becoming comrades in the Code of Cat: "Hiding Squabbles from Mommy". Although you may want to consume the fur tufts next time...a nicely formed fur ball is so innocent, and a lot tidier to dispose of. heh heh

We love the string game too! Mommy tires our before we do.

Punapipippuri, we GirlCats think you will like your sisfurs...just give them a chance. Don't stare, and remember, you are so handsome and the King of Finland (North) that they won't be able to resist you forever!