Thursday, 2 September 2010

I am a mighty mancat, I am Punapippuri - hear me roar!
Look at this! We have our first blood. And it is my blurry fur in the picture! But that total spoilsport Äiti took it away before we could feast.
Harris-veli and I spent ages looking for it again. But I am sure that I, the powerful hunter, will soon have more mousies at my claws.
And I have triumphed over the Evil Flap again. This time I was only shouting at it for half an hour before I shot through it like a bolt of lightning - and this time I did not get over-excited and have a toilet disaster. I left that honour for Lewis-veli who had a huge combing which he hated, but his poor fur was so thick that Äiti had to do something. Now she has scratches from two of us all over her hands. He feels better, even though he had a horrible time with the Diabolical Comb.
And Risto was playing with us this morning. Äiti was so pleased a with this, but now is not so happy as she is sure she can smell certain smells in the bedroom but will wait until it's dark so she can get the UV light out and then spray her stink-destroying chemicals everywhere. We certainly are having busy times here, and making sure Äiti is kept occupied.


Katnip Lounge said...

You are a mighty hunter. Well done! We try to conduct our kills privately and leave a smear of guts to prove our prowess...otherwise Mommy confiscates our prey, too. Your newly-laundered pantaloons are gorgeously fluffy, btw!

We all love the Diabolical Comb. Lewis must have a small screw loose to detest it.

And that Evil Flap? We are sure you have broken it's spirit; soon you will achieve total domination!

The Creek Cats said...

Way to go, you mighty hunter!!

You guys do such a wonderful job at keeping Aiti busy!!

Luna und Luzie said...

Ahhh, I hate it when I find dead mice. We had one at the frontdoor this morning and Olli brought one alive in the kitchen. I needed one hour to catch it. Now I think I need one other hour to clean up the kitchen again....