Sunday, 22 August 2010

Wow - I have been so busy! I need a weekend to relax. Last night I was making sure all was calm with perheeni. Risto came to visit downstairs so I made sure Stran-veli was distracted.
Risto was not so sure about Tessie-kilpikonna.
I always enjoy reminding Mirsku-veli that he stayed upstairs for two days as he was so frightened of her. I, of course, had no problem; as pikku pentu, I just sat on her! Anyway, I am pleased to report all has been peaceful - no peeing or fighting. We are really happy.
And then today, we have been so rushed and active! As I mentioned yesterday, Äiti has been trying to make our cat curtains more cosy. And, as promised, I have been supervising, and I have become very skilled at this, learning the skill of delegating. I delegated to Aila-sisko the cutting of some very nice fabric.

Please note just how English our Äiti is - the cup of tea is always present when she works!

I delegated ironing of fabric to Tuomo-veli. The orange stuff is for the Muhos Gang's room.

He also wanted to play with the power tools.
Here Äiti has put up the fabric ready for it to be tested.......
which Tuomo-veli does beautifully (under Stran-veli's direction). You will notice the thermometer by the flap. This is very important as it measures the temperature inside and outside, and when the tuulikaappi is fixed up we full expect to be cosy inside and be able to go out too, if we so wish. Maybe when it is -35'C we will be extra cautious.
The tuulikaappi is looking good - it is now drying from being varnished and will be put in place properly later today.
The table will be moved closer to it, so we do not have problems with our exit. Äiti will then build another for the Muhos Gang, probably next weekend. She will then sort out some firm insulation and flaps for the external doors, ready for the great Finnish winter. We can expect snow in November, but you never know when it will come early and we do not want to be ill-prepared.
And here I am doing the most important job of all - safety testing. I have Stran-veli with me to make sure our results are double-checked. Are the curtains cosy enough for us to be able to sleep comfortably inside without a chilly draft ?


Katnip Lounge said...

We are quite impressed with Aiti's handiness! The tuulikaappi looks very professional. (Are we supposed to pronounce all the vowels like you do in Hawaii?) The cat fabric is an extra super special touch. Mommy thought the pattern was darling.

Punapippuri, you are an A-1 delegator. You could work for a major Cat corporation with your skills!

If we may make a suggestion, a clear door to the outside portion would be great. It can prevent ambushing and sneak attacks from the air-lock area. We have a plain old doggy door and we all learned to use it within a day.

Pee ess: Mommy always has a cup of tea on hand, too!

盛春成 said...


Luna und Luzie said...

Hello and nice to meet you!
we like your catflap and your scratching tree and the fabrics too.
Our humans says we never can have a catflap door becaus we always take mice into the house.
They hate that but the mice are our gifts for the humans...