Sunday, 15 August 2010

We've had a sunny morning on the catio. Rilli cat is showing he's a fit and energetic 16 year old!
We are impressed by his agility.

Stran-veli and Aila-sisko have been chilling - except when Aila-sisko has been showing Tuomo-veli who is boss.
Suddenly she is more confident and he is all soft. Here he is hiding from her behind the Rock of Norway (one day I'll explain why it's called the Rock of Norway).
Roosa is still the only one of the Muhos Gang who does not stay out on the catio. The other day she let Äiti gently brush her back, which was most excellent as she can get very tangled fur (even though she has short fur!). Maybe because she has no tail her back is sensitive - Äiti says she has to learn about Manx cats and how they are different. Well, Roosa is no different to us - she goes nuts for Dreamies!
Today is an important day so Äiti has spent some quality time with us before she goes out. It is the funeral of Roosa, Rilli and Risto-Reipas' previous forever-home-human, so we too shall have some quiet time reflecting.

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Katnip Lounge said...

Oh My! We missed a few of your posts, Punapippuri! We are happy you are all getting along better. Good for you to yak up that nasty grass furball. Nothing like a good purge and subsequent private cuddle to set the world right!
Mommy loves the picture of Aila and the sun shining through her ears...she is wild about kitty ears for some reason. And Rilli! What a Cat! 16 and agile as a kitten.

Your new Cat it reindeer? Mommy needs to get us a Finnish/English dictionary, soon.