Saturday, 7 August 2010

Well, yesterday Äiti learnt that things do not go so smoothly and if she does go out to watch stinky birds all day, leaving open access for all cats all over the house, then maybe a certain Muhos cat will discover he is Reipas after all, and does the unthinkable and sprays. Little Risto shocked us all. Now, I know it is 'normal' in a multi-cat household, to have someone who cannot control their bladder and wants to distribute their mancat smells everywhere, but we have so far not found this necessary and a few chin rubs each day on all our favourite surfaces has been enough. Äiti is desperately hoping this behaviour is not going to continue - and so are we, as we don't like stinky piss (unless it is our own) either. So today we have lots of feliway smells and four new extra litter trays. Äiti has been a bit of a lazy slug recently and our cleaning routines have not been as good as they might be - but we think that is about to change!
We certainly welcome the provision of more toilets facilities.
Today was warm and for once we were not abandoned so we lay out on the catio. The Muhos Gang were upstairs, calmly on the balcony. Aila-sisko still needs carrying downstairs to come out - baby girlcat! She loves it when she is outside.
Stran-veli - who has been getting on much better with Rilli (they've not been hissing) - was having a well deserved 'boss cat' break.
And Mirsku-veli was having another enthusiastic wash, trying to see if his pienet pallot have grown back since he last looked.
And me, well I have been busy reflecting on all this change and how to ensure there is peace and harmony amongst us all. And then I relax by biffing Aila-sisko from behind the curtain and for some reason she hisses and growls at me. Voi ei!

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