Monday, 30 August 2010

Well may you ask, my friends at the Katnip Lounge, about how the Evil Flap distinguishes between some cats and others to let them through and shut me out. I wish I knew where the nasty detector is that completely slams the flap rigid when I appear. I have got very angry with it and hissed and stamped my paw, and yet it will not let me through. But Mirsku-veli passes through like a knife through butter, and even scaredy Harris-cat is allowed. This is grossly unfair and I can only think it is some anti-Punapippuri device which of course is completely unacceptable. Of course the Evil Flap behaves when Äiti appears to give me a helping push, and then it opens so very easily. I do not like this situation and wish to make Evil Flaps illegal in Finland (North). However even though I declare these laws (and I may very soon initiate the death penalty against it), the Evil Flap will not move, and just hangs there, mocking me. You can see even timid Roosa is investigating - it works for her and she has no tail! I have a beautiful fluffy tail, so why won't it open up for me? Äiti keeps telling me I should just push it with my head but this is no good - and besides I am King Kitty Cat and should not have to move things out of the way with my head!
Roosa spent time with us on the catio yesterday - it was lovely to see her wandering around, and being less shy. She and Risto are devoted to each other and snuggle together in the same cat bed. They were littermates, and the bond is so strong. I do not remember if I had any littermates, but my bond with Stran-veli is nearly as solid. Until he decides he wants all the bed that is, and I have to move.
And here we have a lovely group photo. Äiti has the challenge of getting as many of us in one shot as possible, and she says a '10-catter' will be impossible. but here we have half of us, and a very pleasing mixture of Brit and Finncats. We need more catio shelves, and Äiti says that will happen next spring - but in the meantime we have a new cat tree coming from Germany.


The Creek Cats said...

Love the group photo! Mom says the only way we will have a whole house group photo would be if she created it in photoshop.

Can't wait to see your new cat tree!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

The group photo is just lovely.. Hugs GJ xx

Katnip Lounge said...

Poor Punapippuri! You must become the MASTER of that Evil Flap! Put your mighty head down and barrel through! You will show it who's King of Finland (North)!

We enjoyed sseing Roosa's rump. She is a gorgeous Calico, and made the ManCat's hearts here speed up to HIGH. Hubba hubba!

The group photo is very nice...the most we've been able to achieve in one frame is 9 out of 12...and that required treats and some gentle Cat tossing.

Remember, you RULE that flap!

Anonymous said...

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