Friday, 13 August 2010

Well, after the fight yesterday we have had peace and calm, and when Äiti came back from work we had the most amazing time on the catio. It was very hot so we wanted to appreciate the last heat of the glorious Finnish summer, and even Aila-sisko came out. This was the first time she has come downstairs since her naughty kneecap was fixed. She had a lovely time in the sunshine. And Tuomo-veli was not at all mean.

Risto came outside - he is keen to escape always from the Muhos Gang's suite. And he sat outside with Stran-veli and all was calm and happy.
Rilli aslo came out and this photo is not so good, but you can see some tabby bits! he has very interesting fur.
And of course Mirsku-veli was rolling around.
Tessie-kilpikonna was stocking up her body reserves for winter, overseen by someone who cast a very clear feline shadow (any guesses as to whose shadow it is , hehe?).
And I was overseeing my kingdom,making sure that all is well....


Katnip Lounge said...

How wonderful to have a warm peaceful afternoon! hmmm, whose fluffy scruff and perky ears belong to that shadow?

Mommy wonders how soon it will snow at your house?

Sirpa said...
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Sirpa said...

Mirsku and my cat Kollo have something in common - their "olemus" and their way to lie down. :)