Monday, 16 August 2010

Two blogs in one day again, I am enjoying this! Here I am relaxing, and unknown to me, outside we have a cheeky visitor.
Siili is out on the terrace eating - our Dreamies! Cheeky thing. And perheeni just let him! Honestly, they should protect our assets a little more.
And then this evening I find Risto is in MY basket. This is where I sit so I can look down the stairs and make sure there are no monsters. Stran-veli chased Risto up the stairs and he leapt into my favourite place. I am being very polite and letting him stay, because I am a kind and noble leader.
Äiti wishes me to make a comment that Aila-sisko is her 'old self' and she's been spending time downstairs - including sitting right by plates of food, hoping that her cheeky and cunning paw can swipe some morsels. She has not done this for many months and Äiti is really pleased she has her old spirit back - even if meal times are a bit more exciting now.
Oh, and as if I have not been busy enough - check the new vocabulary list I have written ! I am such a multi-talented man cat - it must be time for a rest again.


Kuovi said...

I'm so happy to read that Aila is feeling more confident :) Maybe those new cats changed the situation and she doesn't feel so timid anymore :)

The Creek Cats said...

You are multi-talented and also a very kind and noble leader!

We are soooo happy to hear Aila is feeling more like her old self. That is wonderful news.

Is the Siili wild or a pet? Our mom's friend has one as a pet.

Katnip Lounge said...

Mister Hedgehog is a cute little thief! Is he getting ready to hibernate? He sure is round.

Hurrah for Aila! Mommy chuckled at your description of "exciting" meals...we do the same thing here. A plate is an invitation to eat, period.

We think you are a GentlemanCat to refrain from flaunting your fluffy plume in front of the non-tailed kitty, and to let Risto sleep in your spot.

And your vocab list is purrfect! Mommy says "thanks"!