Thursday, 12 August 2010

Things are tense here. Stran-veli chased Risto and there was a big fight. Risto ran away, and Stran followed so there was part two of the fight. We've never seen Stran-veli like this but he's a bit fed up with the stinky spraying (as we all are). Stran has a scratch on his third eyelid and Äiti is really worried that he has lost his place as top cat because no one is really sure who won the fight. Stran-veli has to have eye ointment now and he's also getting sneaky portions of tonnikala which we all love, but I am happy he gets it as he is my hero.
Äiti is going to do a quiz: the Katnip Lounge have done a brilliant 'whose paws?' competition so Äiti is going to get photocropping and do 'noses'. Well, she will do as soon as she's stopped spraying feliway around to help prevent more wet messages.

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Katnip Lounge said...

MomKat Trish here...I'm not sure how the vets are in Finland but if it were me I'd be trying some kitty-Prozac for Risto and his spraying. And perhaps sequestering him when you're not home.
Maui gets Clomicalm, it's actually for dogs, but an off-label use is for spraying. It takes a few days to kick in as it's an SSRI and need to build up, but it's worked wonders for Maui and some other integration issues around here.

Stran is defending his territory so make sure he gets plenty of lovins...

I feel for you! Nothing smells worse than cat pee. The Creek Cats did a post a bit back on some anti odor products they highly might want to check it out.

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