Thursday, 19 August 2010

So, happy adoption anniversary to Stranraer, our top cat. At the moment he is busy trying to show how much of a boss he is, and I wish he would chill a but because actually everyone knows he's boss - he just doesn't like Risto much (probably because of the stinky peeing). Stran-veli's ears have a few scabby bits, and Äiti keeps telling him there's no need to fight, but maybe he just has to show what a Mancat he is, as 10 in the family is quite a lot for him. and he tries to protect us all.
Today we have had lots of food to celebrate his anniversary - we had two whole boxes of Mjau tonight. Stran planned this very well - he had his first portion and then disappeared for a quiet but stinky few minutes to make room for portion number 2. And then he sat right up on the kitchen table licking his lips. Some of Stran's story is on his webpage - click the link under our family picture. We'll never know the full story, nor his proper age, but Äiti has said she has had 5 wonderful years with him and hopes for many more.


Katnip Lounge said...

Handsome Sir Stranraer,
Happy Gotcha Day! You sure had a rough start. We think you must be a heckuva tough dude and a mean street fighter. We are so happy you lead the cushy indoor life now, yet retain enough of that feral cleverness to ingest the maximum amount of food possible! ;-)
Purrs to you on your Special Day!

Kuovi said...

We are a bit late (as usually), but happy Gotcha Day, Stran! You are our hero :) Warm-hearted, kind and fair but still a very strong leader, who always protects his family <3 You took such a good care of little baby Punapippuri when he first came in to your family, washing his ears and being like a gentle dad for him! You truly are GREAT <3