Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Life has continued to be busy and full of diplomacy, controlled totally by Äiti and the closed door! She says she is happy with so far and I must confess all I can hear from inside the Rs' room is the happy munching of Dreamies! Rilli jumps up and purrs whenever Äiti enters, and Risto is now very happy to be tickled and does not hide. Roosa is a little more nervous but has had tickles, and from the photos I think she's having a jolly good time indeed!
We were sent some wonderful kissanmintu toys - some serious gear - by a very kind and clever artist in England. We also have some pictures now on the walls by her. I think Äiti should commission a royal portrait from her. Anyway, Roosa had a lovely time with the 'nip cigar.
Today the door was left open for a while, and Risto went exploring. There have been good quality nose rubs with Stran, and Tuomo and even Aila has stood close by. Rilli will growl a little but interestingly he and Tuomo have been sociable and no claws have been shown or fur shed. I must confess to keeping a safe distance - even though we are all Muhos cats, I think it is wise to be cautious.
In the meantime we are all making sure Äiti gives us enough attention and have been out on the catio with her. Mirsku-veli is loving having his tummy tickled, and I am looking most displeased after the diabolical comb appeared and my beautiful tummy furs were viciously attacked again, Sometimes I could really dislike Äiti.


Katnip Lounge said...

You look quite put out by the tummy combing! We all like belly rubs, but the comb is another thing entirely.

Mommy says that in our crowd the girlcats always fit in more quickly, and are more playful in general. They instigate 75% of the kitty games at the house. The boys are just lazy slugs...

"Jerky" is the name for thin slices of dried meat. It's a popular dog treat in the US, and we like it too! There are all kinds for People, too, smoked beef and turkey and such. Delicious!

Carolyn said...

Let me tell you about girl cats. They act all sweet and friendly then wake you up at 4am by coughing up furballs all over your things on top of the wardrobe. Hmph.